Jesus – in Hinduism

The arrival of Jesus Christ and some of the incidents in his life were all written in the Hindu scriptures even before the advent of Christ. One such notable work is the - Bhavishya Puran – written by the sage Veda Vyas, supposed to be more than three thousand years before the birth of the Christ.

In the Bhavishya Puran - it is mentioned that Jesus will take birth from the womb of a Virgin. The corresponding Sanskrit lines in the book are – easa putranchamam kumarai garbhasambhavam. It is also mentioned that – he will become the prophet of the western worlds - it is stated in the Sanskrit lines as - pachimadesa pravaktham.

It was also mentioned that – Jesus came to India and had his education in the Himalayan Mountains with the monks and sages living there.

Unlike the Bible, the Hindu scriptures claim that the Jesus didn’t die on the cross but, Jesus died at Kashmir in India at the age of his 84 and he was not crucified.

Though the modern science has proofs that the world creation myth as given in the Bible is wrong, the Hindu scriptures accept the creation story as give in the Bible and on the other hand the Hindu scriptures also claim that that is not the way the world is created but, there is a different story linking the story in the Bible and the real creation of the world as claimed by the modern scientists.

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