Where the aliens are ?

While the modern cosmologists are searching for the ‘aliens’ on the other planets – the Hinduism says ‘aliens’ are present right in front of us but, unfortunately we could never find them.

The universe we live in is made up of atoms that form from the ‘nucleons’ – the electron, proton and neutron. But, Hindu scriptures say – there are other types of matter particles too apart from the matter we see around which we fail to catch with our FIVE sense organs. Possibly this could be the ‘dark matter’ the modern cosmologists are searching for.

The Hindu cosmological scriptures claim that – different universes formed with different matter particles [we fail to observe them ALL with our senses as mentioned above] – in fact intersect and the universe we live in - is in fact is sharing the ‘void’ [not space! – concept of space belongs to our universe] with some other universe. The Hindu scriptures claim that there are beings in that universe too and ‘we’ and those beings from the other universe we fail to observe are living side by side. We are moving through them and ‘they’ too are moving through ‘us’ but, both are unaware of the presence of each other. The Hindu scriptures claim that we could never find the traces of that ‘world’ hiding around and they [beings from the other universe] too could never find ‘us’ and our universe too with the physical senses. But, the scriptures claim that with the ‘inner eye’ it is possible to observe them and their universe as well and it applies to ‘them’ as well.

So, the deduction is that the modern science never could find the ‘aliens’ present right in front of ‘us’ and the ‘aliens’ they are searching for [especially - project SETI] on the faraway planets of ‘our’ universe are in fact not there.

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