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As has been mentioned after the title, this 'site' is devoted to explain the scientific details present in the ancient scriptures and customs of the Hinduism to the common masses. Different branches of the modern science are used in the arguments on this site but, not to the depths as the aim of this ‘site’ is to cater to the general public.

This site holds the view that – nothing, nothing at all in the ancient scriptures is wrong or baseless and the ancient writings have strong scientific roots. But, we fail to understand the ancient customs, scriptures, doctrines and Vedas – just because we are not intellectually matured enough, i.e., we are short of understanding, the ancients are not within our reach, being situated in exalted positions unattainable to the modern ‘impure’ minds.

The ancient customs, scriptures, doctrines and Vedas are not illogical as many modern thinkers feel, but in fact, they are too logical to be logical to the common mind. That’s all!

So, this 'site' is aimed at bringing to light the scientific facts present in the ancient Hinduism.

‘Image’ at the ‘title’ of this site [given beside] – is a painting of – Vyas Gurudev and Lord Ganesh writing the Maha Bharat, the famous epic of the Hindus. This writing took place at the place known as ‘Bhadari’ forest located in the Himalayan mountains. It is at the present ‘Bhadarinath temple’, the famous pilgrim spot in Uttarakand, India.

According to the Hindu tradition, while the sage ‘Vyas’ was narrating the story, lord ‘Ganesha’ wrote the ‘Maha Bharat’ the great epic that include the story of the war of ‘Kurushyetra’ that took place about 5000 years back.

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