What for this life ?

What is the sole purpose of a bud ? Is there anything other than to bloom into a full flower ? The same is the case of life ! The purpose of life is just to ‘evolve’ into perfection.

As the modern science has revealed that the life forms are evolving, single cellular beings are evolving into multi-cellular complex beings [through genetic mutation, natural selection, evolution]. This is a sagacious saga from microbes to the complex human beings. Hinduism says – all through these life forms the ‘soul’ is passing or the ‘soul’ is evolving by utilizing or inhabiting these various life forms, at every stage of evolution, i.e., in every form the ‘soul’ gains certain maturity, as each ‘life form’ is a step in the ladder of life.

The Hindu scriptures claim that the ‘soul’ has to take 1, 86, 000 different life forms [ex: microbes, birds, animals etc.,] before taking or getting into the human form. The modern psychology too favors this concept stating that the ‘sub-conscious’ of an individual has the memories of the animal life forms but, of course their claim is from the genetic point and the Hindu concept is purely from the ‘conscious’ view.

Up to the human form the nature helps the ‘soul’ to grow but, once the ‘soul’ enters the ‘human form’ it is the responsibility of the man/woman to grow.  So, the human form is lauded in all the Hindu scriptures as it ONLY could help the ‘soul’ to attain the ultimate as no other ‘life form’ [ex: animals, birds etc.,] can help to achieve this feat.

So, naturally the purpose of life is to ‘evolve’ to perfection, to attain the paradise, the godhood. Accordingly the scriptures prescribe a conditioned life style to the ‘human beings’ to attain to the ‘goal’ of life, to fulfill the purpose of life. The religions condemn many things [ex: drinking, smoking, prostitution, cheating, etc.,] as they inhibit or push back the progress of the ‘soul’. The religions favor certain things [ex: moral living, prayer, philanthropy, compassion, chastity, etc.,] for these will make the ‘soul’ to bloom, to reach the ‘goal’ sooner.

Naturally, the purpose of life is to lead a life keeping this ‘goal’ in mind. If this is fixed in mind then ‘you’ could lead a joyous life and others too could make their journey on this path [world] happily. To fulfill this purpose of life [to evolve] the religions prescribed different methods and ‘you’ could choose your own method to make your valuable life useful without wasting it that comes after a prolonged animal life.

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