Witchcraft - how it works ?

‘Witchcraft’ – has been in practice in India for a long time and it has been mentioned in many Hindu books. The aim of this article is just to give ‘some’ proof on it - that it works and not to elaborate on the technicalities of it.

Though many so called ‘rationalists’ argue against the ‘witchcraft’ that it doesn't work  and baseless – it is indeed a science according to the Hindu scriptures and the scientific argument in favor of the functioning of ‘witchcraft’ is as follows of course in the indirect route.

There is an effect in the ‘modern science’ known as the ‘resonance’. This works like this. Suppose TWO violins are kept in a room and both of them are of the same make up. Now, if you are playing on one of them nothing will happen for some time – and when the strings of your ‘violin’ reach certain frequency – then the other ‘violin’ in the room that is sitting quite – will start to sing on its own at the frequency of your ‘violin’ as if some ‘unknown’ being is playing on it.

This property is not due to some strange phenomena but, it is very simple property peculiar to the ‘vibrating bodies’ known even to the classical physics. This property is called as ‘resonance’ in physics and different bodies resonate at different frequencies and this ‘resonating frequency’ is implicit to that body.

The ‘witchcraft’ too works in the same way. In witch craft - generally the items like – nails or hair or sand from the foot-print of a person or spit of a person - are collected before ‘witch craft’ is done on to a person. Scientifically, from the point of the molecular biology – the samples mentioned before will contain the ‘body cells’ of the person whom they want to inflict with ‘witchcraft’ and these ‘cells’ are holding the ‘genes’ of that person as in general.

Now, by means of using ‘mantras’ and otherwise it is possible to inflict the ‘gene’ that has been collected. If the particular ‘gene’ undergoing ‘witchcraft’ is afflicted with a particular kind of ‘problem’ or disease – then as in the case of the above explained ‘resonance’ [like this but, NOT exactly resonance] – ‘other cells’ in the world where ever they might be, that are similar to the one under the threat of the ‘witch craft’ will acquire the same problem too and will suffer there by. As long as the cells under the ‘witch craft’ are suffering, the other cells or the person too will suffer due to the influence of ‘witchcraft’.

Please note that ‘resonance’ property has been used to explain the similarity in the concepts but, the ‘witch craft’ in no way is concerned with the property of actual ‘resonance’.

The only solution to bring back the health of the person to normalcy afflicted with black magic or witchcraft is ‘generally’ by means of ‘witchcraft’ itself - it is just like removing a thorn with another thorn. It is also possible by some divine means [rituals] too as the power of 'god' is more than the 'devil'.

This is just an attempt to ascertain the possibility of ‘witchcraft’ through indirect proof. The ‘witch craft’ is well known in India and in some other countries too, even from the ancient times. It is not something baseless and it has been mentioned in some Hindu books and even ‘Swami Vivekananda’ was a victim of this ‘cruel craft’. When he was in ‘Kashmir’ in India, on a visit, he was ‘afflicted’ by this from a ‘fakir’ and his condition became serious too. But, luckily he was rescued by his ‘guru’, Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

If the modern science fails to explain something – will 'it' become false or baseless ? The modern science is still in its adolescent stage and there are many things that the ‘modern science’ is not aware of and it fails to explain many things.

There are many people who are practicing this ‘craft’ to make money but, most of them are just ‘idiots’ about ‘witchcraft’ and they don’t know how to work with this. Just they are cheating innocent people for money as in the case of many other professions. So, naturally their application of this craft will not function but, this doesn't imply that the craft itself is ‘wrong’, the problem is with the person practicing it and NOT with the ‘witchcraft’ itself.

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