Are aliens watching us ?

Aliens watching you !
While the modern cosmologists [especially the SETI - project] are aiming their telescopes at the far away galaxies and stars in search of ‘aliens’ the Hindu scriptures claim that ‘aliens’ are in fact present around us ‘unnoticed’ not just visiting us from somewhere, but they are inhabiting this very planet along with us.

Apart from the ‘alien’ beings in the other invisible universes as explained in the last post under the heading, - Where are the aliens ? - the Hindu scriptures claim that some kind of beings are present right around us, inhabiting this very planet having their own colonies. They could observe us too but, we fail to notice them generally.  Yet - by means of some specialized ‘tantric practices’, we could observe and communicate with them too!

The ‘tantric’ scriptures [tantra sastra] of the Hinduism say that – these life forms, that are formed with the strange [for us they are strange!] particles [other than the matter particles we know - and this could be the dark matter too - the modern cosmologists are searching for!] that we fail to notice but, those ‘beings’ can notice ‘us’ formed with the ‘matter particles’ constituting the ‘nucleons’ [electron, proton and neutron]. According to the Hinduism many such ‘beings’ are wandering or living around ‘us’, though we [the modern science] fail to notice them, they could notice our presence and even in some cases those ‘beings’ try to contact or communicate with us but, we fail to catch them. So, in your room you are not present alone but, many of these ‘alien’ beings are watching you right there. Please note that these beings are not ‘ghosts’ or something of that sort but, they are totally different beings and they will [can’t] not harm you at all.

The ‘tantric scriptures’ of the Hinduism claim that – using some special ‘tantric’ practices ‘we’ could communicate with those ‘alien’ beings and befriend them as well.

Aliens befriending us !
The Hindu scriptures point out at some other type of ‘aliens’ those are living in colonies in this very [our] universe but, away from us might be on some invisible [to our sciences] places but, not with the matter particles [might be some type of unknown matter, dark matter - the modern cosmologists are searching for!] we know and we are with. Hinduism says some of them are more matured than ‘us’ and some of the names of these ‘alien’ forms are also mentioned, some examples being: Kinneras, Kimpurushas, Gandharvas, etc. The Hinduism claims that – near the Himalayan Mountains one such ‘alien’ colony is present and the name of it is ‘Gandharva-loka’, it means the world [loka] of ‘Gandharvas’. It is also mentioned that the Hindu sages were visiting them frequently and they [the Gandharvas] too were visiting the India in those ancient days. The Hindu scriptures claim that – these aliens are visiting our Earth even now, but ‘we’ fail to notice them.

The Hindu scriptures also add that – now the people [we] fail to see them [above mentioned aliens] because ‘we’ are not pure in mind [mentally not matured enough] and those ‘aliens’ dislike to appear or talk to the ‘inferior’ beings like ‘us’. But, the olden Hindu scriptures have many citations to the alien contacts and even they ‘cite’ the marriages between ‘humans’ and the ‘aliens’ mentioned in the above paragraph - as the ancient Hindus were very near to these ‘aliens’ in maturity. But, the scriptures claim that even now, we could contact them with some specialized ‘spiritual practices’ - as these practices could ‘elevate’ us to their maturity level.

While the Hindu scriptures describe these different types [see other 2 articles on this site on aliens] of ‘aliens’ present in this [our] universe and other universes too, they are not positive on the type of ‘aliens’ the modern cosmologists are searching for, the ‘aliens’ residing on some far away planet that is similar to our Earth and just like ‘us’.

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