Hindu Cosmology – Part II

The universe we live in is made up of atoms constituting the nucleons, the trinity of - electron, proton and neutron. But, Hindu scriptures say – there are other types of matter particles too apart from the matter we see around, which we fail to catch with our FIVE sense organs. Possibly this could be the dark matter the modern cosmologists are searching for. 

The Hindu cosmological scriptures claim that – different universes are formed with different matter particles [we fail to observe them ALL with our senses as mentioned above]. Some of these universes intersect and the universe we live in - in fact is sharing the ‘void’ [not space! – concept of space belongs to our universe] with some other universe, i.e., there is some other universe within the universe we live in but, fail to notice it with our sense organs. The Hindu scriptures claim that there are life forms or beings in some of those universes too. ‘We’ and those beings from the other invisible universes hiding around - though are living side by side, at times are passing through each other - fail to notice each other. 


Hinduism says some of these invisible worlds - inhabit more matured life forms than what we are. Some of the names of these alien worlds [invisible universes within our universe] as mentioned in the Hindu scriptures are: Kinnera loka, Kimpurusha loka, Gandharva loka.

The Hindu scriptures claim that – near the Himalayan Mountains one such alien world – invisible world is present, it is the - Gandharva-loka; it means the world [loka] of Gandharvas [it is the name of the beings in that world].

It is also mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that the Hindu sages are visiting them frequently and they [the Gandharvas] too are visiting the India but, ‘we’ – the ordinary people - fail to notice them as we not spiritually matured enough.

Some more details on the Hindu cosmology will be presented later in another article.

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