Science in Nataraj idol - part 2

This is a sequel to the ‘science in Nataraj idol’ - article posted earlier.

The feather like little signs on the outer side of the circular structure around the dancing god says that the circular edifice indeed is expanding as these ancient marks imply the meaning of the arrow marks used these days. In other words it implies that the Universe is expanding and this fact is in accordance with the findings of the modern cosmology since the discovery of the ‘red shift’ in the spectra of the distant stars and galaxies by Edwin Hubble at the beginning of the last century. Only to signify this fact, these small, feather like structures are present on the outer side to the circular edifice of all the statues of the lord Nataraj, implying the growth or expansion of the Universe.

Unlike other arts, a peculiar thing about the art of dance is that – as long as the dance is there the dancer should be there, the dance and the dancer are undividable entities and this is not the case in other arts, examples a portrait and its painter could live separately. When the dance of the Nataraj cease to be then there is no dance at all but, only lord Shiva comes out - not Nataraj. The still Nataraj is not called as Nataraj, but only as lord Shiva. The lord Shiva is still like a statue and lord Nataraj is always moving, in dance.

The dance is there as long as something is in motion. When the motion ceases to be the dance will also cease to be. This same concept is present in the modern Quantum Cosmology. It says that – the universe is actually not preset here, but due to the dance or motion of the ‘strings’, the energy waves as called in the ‘string theory’ - the Universe comes into being. If there is dance, if there is no motion then there is no universe at all. If there is no dance then there is no Nataraj at all, only Shiva will be there and it implies that is nothing is moving here there is Universe at all but, only the god ‘is’. This is the core principle in the Hindu philosophy – the moving mind creates the Universe.

The base for the dancing lord is the motionless structure present beneath. This implies that for the Universe to move something changeless is present as the base and this changeless, motionless thing is the absolute or the Branham of the Upanishads. The universe is dancing in the changeless like a child in the lap of its mother.

So much empty space is present within the circular structure in the idol. This implies that majority of the Universe is empty in nature, the matter being present in only few places of it.

There is an order in the posture of the dancing god and it implies that the matter in the universe is distributed in an orderly manner. In the modern cosmology the structural cosmologists are busy in finding the structural distribution of the matter in the Universe. This is a suggestion to the modern cosmologists that if they could study the idol of the lord Nataraj they could come to a clear picture of the structure of the Universe.

In the Nataraj idol the parts of the dancing lord far away from the centre, which are near the circular edifice – are in fact moving at a faster rate compared to the parts those are near the centre, the main body. The modern cosmology also says this – the far away galaxies are running away at very fast velocities, nearly at the speed of light, this is in fact in accordance with the modern cosmological discoveries that the red shift is more for the galaxies that are far away.

Enough for now…!

Still some more secrets from the Nataraj idol will be disclosed in the future.

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