Science in Nataraj idol – part 3

This is the third one in the sequel of articles on the ‘science in Nataraj idol’.

The lord, the representation of the Universe is in a dance and in dance every step is logical and has a meaning and leads to another logical step. Hence, the Nataraj idol reveals that all that happens in the Universe is for some meaningful cause and nothing, nothing at happens here illogically or accidentally and this applies to our lives as well. Even the so called bad or sad things in life have their own use and effect but, these are not just meant to harm or make anyone weep or to suffer, but of course we might not now the good reasons behind these so called bad happenings.

After all, the dance is not a mechanical motion. It has some life force behind it, some intelligence, consciousness behind the exhibition of the dance - someone is consciously doing the dance. The dance or motion of the Universe too is not just mechanical happenings - it’s all happening by means of some divine intelligence behind it. This is true in our lives too – our life and works have some meaning, controlled by some divine power.

In the dance, there is some coherence in between the body parts, in every step. That is if the leg moves in a certain manner or angel, then the hand too should move in a certain logical manner accordingly. In the Universe too, the Hinduism says it is possible to change or do something at a far away distance just by doing some related thing at any other place. This is the basis for many things in the Hindu faith, like – idolatry, tapa, witchcraft, Yagnyas, etc. For example by doing some ritual here, I can make the clouds to rain or I can make the ‘god’ to come to me etc. and these are not baseless.

In the dance, it is possible to predict the next step or the future steps – if you know the art of dancing. In the universe too, for example if you see some happening, then it is possible to predict what might happen in the future not only at that point but, at any given point in the Universe. There is nothing like magic in this, but there are all the inbuilt laws of the Universe or this is how the universe behaves or is built with. This is the basis behind the practice of the omens in the Hindu societies and other as well but, they are not baseless as many modern day thinkers feel.

The ancient Hindus had deeper wisdom, that’s why they had written in the scriptures like – everything in the Universe is interconnected with everything else and there are no islands here.

The universe is a big machine if one part is moving in a particular manner, some other far away part is definitely affected by it in a certain manner. If I can change some part here I can change some other part somewhere else. This knowledge led to many branches of knowledge in the Hindu faith as mentioned before like - – idolatry, tapas, witchcraft, Yagnyas, etc. For example by doing some ritual here, I can make the clouds to rain or to drop thunders or even I can make the ‘god’ to come to me etc. These practices in India are not just baseless tricks but, these are too logical to be logical to the modern day intellectual dwarfs.

Still some more secrets from the Nataraj idol will be disclosed in the future articles.

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