Ancient Airplanes

The airplanes came to the modern world just a century back but, the airplanes more advanced than the present generation planes were used in India even from the prehistoric days by the Hindus. The Hindu sages had written many sastras or scriptures on the science of air travel, one of the notable works being the Vaimana Sastra [airplane science & space travel] written by the sage Bharadwaja at least few thousand years back. Now, even the NASA scientists have been doing research on this and other related ancient works of the Hindus.

The airplane of those days indeed were very advanced and complex than the airplanes of the present generation. They had many floors in them unlike their present counterparts in general. For fuels, those planes were working mainly on:
a) Herbs
b) Mercury                                       
c) Sun light
d) Air force.

This is to note that, those flyers were all non-pollutants as are these fuels.

They were using different machinery for running the airplanes, according to the scriptures some of the main ones are of these;

A) Viswakriya Darpanam – this instrument includes some lenses and mirrors and it shows to the pilot what happens around the plane.

B) Parichesha Kriya Yantram – this instrument can drive and manage the plane on its own without a pilot. In the modern language this is the equivalent of the automated airplane.

C) Thamogarba Yantram – this system of machinery can shield the plane from the view of enemies and spies. This is like the modern secret planes that can escape the radars.

There were so many kinds in the airplanes of those days. These could run on different energies, for example some of these are:

a) Physical means – using some physical fuel to run the engines as give earlier.
b) Using mantras – using the mantras or by the force of sounds.
c) Manasika Sakthi – using the will power of the user.
d) Using anti-gravity – this is what the present scientists are searching for.
e) A combination of the above.

Those were capable for travelling not only in the air but, in space too like the modern day spacecrafts and the ancients had the space travel too, not only air travel that we are limited to.

There are many available designs of these airplanes and spacecrafts in the worm eaten or dilapidated ancient books available now in some libraries in India. Some of these designs are awesome, some being like the modern day ‘flying saucers’.

There are many accounts of the use of these flying objects throughout the Hindu scriptures and mythologies. For example, during the times of Ramayana, the great villain Ravana had an airplane, more advanced than the present ones, by the name of ‘Pushpak viman’. He used to give orders to it by means of mere thought. It even had the facility to expand or contract depending on the number of passengers expected to travel by it.

During the times of lord Krishna, one king named ‘Gaya’ had a plane by travelling which he encountered rivalry with lord Krishna. In the famous war of Kurushetra too, many air planes were used as per the writing of the Mahabharata.

All these happened in the prehistoric days but, the king Ashoka of India had an Air-force and this happened just in sight of History, just around 500 BC.

There are many paintings and sculptures of these air planes and spacecrafts from the ancient historic sites and temples throughout India and stored in the museums in many places. Some of them are given above in the pictures. It is true that the in the ancient days, in India - the technology of air travel and space travel was well advanced than the present generation.

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