Science in Nataraj idol - Part 1

In the ancient times even the scientific secrets ware represented in the language of the heart, in the poetic form as the ancients were heart oriented people. So naturally we, the mind oriented people fail to understand their scientific secrets. The Nataraj idol, the dancing avatar of lord Shiva, has many such scientific secrets – which even the most famous scientists of our age, professors in the famous universities like Oxford, Cambridge are fascinated about.

Some of these scientific secrets of the Nataraj idol were presented in the earlier articles on the site, now some more will be presented in this article, the more general ones.

The pedestal of the god dancing upon is a demon, in the Nataraj idol as given in the figure here and the dancing god is nothing but the universe. According to the Hindu philosophy this represents this; the universe came to existence due to the ego, in other words the ego is the basis for the universe. If the ego ceases to be, then there is no universe at all, the universe is an illusion. The string theory in the modern science also says this – due to the vibrating strings the universe seems to be but, actually the universe is not present here.

The god is dancing and here, the god represents the universe. This implies that the universe is dynamic in nature, always changing. The modern Big Bang Cosmology also agrees with this concept of dynamic Universe, the expanding Universe. Nothing is stable here in the Universe - everything is changing always – as in a dance.

The circular structure around the god – says the universe is finite in nature, has bounds. This is as predicted by Albert Einstein in his general theory of relativity, which says the Universe is finite and bounded.

In Hindu mythology, the snakes represent time too. So, the snakes on the body of the ‘god’ say, at different points of the universe the ‘time’ travels differently. This is in accordance with the special relativity of Albert Einstein in the modern science, the relativity of time.

One hand of the ‘dancing god’ is holding ‘fire’. This implies that, the Universe has fire in it or the universe is hot in nature.

In one hand the ‘god’ has the sounding instrument, the drum. It says that – the sound is inherent in the Universe. This ‘sound’ does not imply the general sound we here with our physical ears but, it is more subtle. In the modern science such sounds in the Universe were first discovered by Nelson and Penzias few decades back and they were awarded a Nobel Prize for this discovery. This is sound is present everywhere in the Universe uniformly, the modern scientists call this as ‘primordial noise’ associated with the birth of the Universe. This is scientifically called as, the 3 degree Kelvin microwave background radiation.  

Only few scientific secrets in the Nataraj idol are presented here but, still some more will be presented later in another article in the future.

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