Why to go Temples ?

The temples are the source of divine energy. The construction of the temple, the gopuram  or gopur [temple tower], the god in the temple are all sources of energy. The gopuram or gopur - of the temple resembles the pyramids. Scientifically the pyramids have some strange and positive features. Whatever that comes under the pyramid will be energized, when a person goes inside a temple, the cosmic energy will enter into the person concerned and for this ‘kalash’ [bronze pot like structures] on the gopur - will help a lot, the cosmic energy will come down from the cosmos only through them.

On the other hand, the ‘god’ in the temple is a source of energy. While installing the ‘god’ in the temple – the ritual, kumbhabhishekam is performed to the god. This is nothing but, giving energy to the ‘god’, if this is not done the ‘idol of god’ is not that powerful. This energy will come to the person visiting the temples frequently.

The temples will accelerate the spiritual growth of the devotees. Not only this – even mentally and physically too the temples help the person visiting them. The positive energies will give mental peace, the prasad and theertha given in the temple contain energetic and medicinal substances, these will help the devotee for good physique– if the taken frequently.

Apart from these, there are many other benefits and religious reasons as well - in visiting the temples, for which I don’t know the scientific reasons, I honestly accept so, they are not mentioned here. Some other common reasons are well known to all – so they are not discussed here.

Of course, in the case of the advanced devotees nothing will count. They have the power to grow on their own but, the ordinary devotees must visit the temples frequently to get the energy, to make them better.

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