Test tube babies in Hinduism

 As it has been already mentioned on this site many times – the ancient Indians were more advanced than the present generation in every angle and the scientific and technical things are not exceptions. But, it is true that the ancients didn’t popularize these things due to their harmful outcomes when they are used on a massive scale.

The concept of test tube babies is one such technological fact that was well known to the ancient Hindu sages apart from many others that even the modern scientists are not even aware of and dare not even to dream of!

It is interesting to note here that in the ancient [Vedic] times, scientists were none other than the great sages of India. The sages are the greatest scientists the world has ever produced and ever could. While the modern scientists are pondering on the matter, the ancient sages even tried their mantle on the invisible [beyond senses] as well.

Now, coming to the concept of ‘test tube babies’, this concept has been mentioned in many places throughout the Vedic scriptures notably in Mahabharata and Ramayana beyond others.

Kouravas, the sons of Drutarastra the Kong, 100 in number - in fact were born in this manner. These test tubes were mentioned as the “kumbha” in the Sanskrit language, it implies ‘pots’. The famous sage Vyas, took the parts from when the queen, Gandhari aborted her first child. The sage kept these into 101 pots along with some herbs. Then after 9 months the pots broke and the kids came out just as in the case of the chicks coming out from their eggs breaking the shells.

Such instances of childbirths are present throughout the Vedic scriptures. Even the famous teacher of archery, Dhrona [kumbha sambhava] was born in this way, from a pot – as a test tube baby. Even lord Kumara, the son of lord Shiva took birth in the same manner apart from many others taking birth in the test tubes.

Here it should be noted that the above mentioned were all born in the artificial wombs that is far beyond the technology of the present generation. According to the famous scientist Stephen Hawking – scientists could get the technology of artificial wombs - still after 80 years, NOT now! But, these technological feats were all available in the Vedic India in one of the other form, of course as a luxury to very few blessed people!

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This is soo funny to make child birth from pots without mother egg this is not possible at all fictions always beautiful