Lord Krishna the ‘complete avatar’ !

Unlike lord Krishna, the other avatars of Vishnu were confined to certain rules and regulations. They didn’t violate the clutches of Dharma. Take for example, the Ram avatar! It is the avatar that is the embodiment of Dharma as the Sanskrit phrase goes “Ramo vigrahavan dharmaha’. So, you can’t expect ‘Ram’ to do something that is not dharma. If you find something that is not dharma in the doings of Rama then the fault is not with Rama but - the fault is with your faculty of understanding, the scriptures claim. Ram can’t marry more than one lady in life ! Not only that in every corner of life he will never go against ‘dharma’. So, in one or the other way the personality of ‘Ram’ is limited but, of course that was his choice on order to fulfill the purpose of the ‘Ram’ avatar. Ram will not steal, will not make false statements, etc., So, there are things beyond grasp of Ram, he can’t come out of his circle. Hence ‘Ram’ is not complete avatar, as something that is complete rejects nothing at all as a rule, something complete can’t deny. The same is the case with other avatars as well.

 On the other hand lord Krishna is totally different to lord Ram in certain aspects. Unlike Ram, Krishna is not limited to the confines of Dharma. Krishna will deny nothing at all! Krishna can go beyond the circle of Dharma [to the external look]  [but, deep down Krishna never goes against Dharma] nothing nothing at all can confine him. There are no boundaries to Krishna. He could embrace all both good and bad as well. Krishna can steal, can dance with many women, can marry many, can make false statements, can do many things against to Dharma sastras [he did all these and many more seemingly - adharma].  

Krishna can do many things, which Ram will not do. The other avatars of lord Vishnu are in the same boat of Ram. They will too not violate Dharma. But, nothing is un-touched by Krishna, he embraces all. So, the scriptures claim that – Krishna is the complete avatar!

On the other hand this does not undermine the strength and value of the other avatars. Each avatar has it’s own purpose and behaves accordingly. So, they self impose certain rules and restrictions on their own, nothing wrong with this.  All the avatars are equally powerful and valuable and are the ‘same’ too, the manifestations of the one and only reality.

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