Pulsating Universe - in Hinduism

The modern cosmology believes that the universe indeed expands and it contracts after a prolonged expansion  and finally it collapses into where it came from and the similar process takes place again. This thought on the universe is the core concept present in the Big Bang cosmology. Even the Einstein's general theory of relativity too supports this belief.

This cosmological concept of the modern science is in fact present in the ancient Hindu scriptures, especially in the 'Bramhanda Purana', the 'scripture of the Universe'.

In the 'Saiva' philosophy of the Hinduism, the dancing god, Nataraj is nothing but, the representation of the universe. The  dancing 'god' is the universe. The statue of the 'god' has many scientific secrets, which the modern science has uncovered recently. One amongst these is the 'expansion, contraction and the pulsating' nature of the universe we live in.

The feather like little signs on the outer side of the circular structure around the dancing god indeed represent this cosmological fact. Those that are clockwise indicate that the dance of the lord takes place in one direction for a while and later it takes place in the other direction. This implies that the universe expands for a while and then it reverses its expansion.

The present universe is expanding according to the modern cosmological studies, especially since the discovery of the ‘red shift’ in the spectra of the distant stars and galaxies by Edwin Hubble at the beginning of the last century. This fact has been stressed again by the studies of the 'Hubble telescope' and others in the recent times.

Of course, the modern science is sure of the expanding universe but, they are not sure on what would happen in the distant future, where the universe will expand for ever will it ever reverse it's expansion! There are arguments on both the sides but, the modern science has no concrete evidence in support the any of these claims, unfortunately.

But, the Hindu sages had the proof to claim that the universe indeed undergoes infinite expansions and contractions. This fact has been mentioned by many Hindu scriptures apart from the 'Bramhanda purana'. One example being the 'hynm' dedicated to the lord 'surya' or the 'sun god'. It says that - the 'god' created this universe like this many times before and many times in the future as well.

Only to signify this fact - the expansion, contraction and pulsating nature of the universe - the small, feather like structures are present on the outer side of the circular edifice of all the statues of the lord Nataraj.

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