String theory in Hinduism

The main theme of the branch of the modern science ‘string theory’ is that – the physical universe we observe around in fact is not present around as it appears. But, due to the motion of the ‘strings’ as described in the ‘string theory’ in the modern physics the physical universe comes into being but, the physical universe present around is not present as it is. The matter [particles] in fact are not present around but, only due to the vibrating strings the matter [particles] and the universe comes into being.

This is in fact is represented by the ‘mayavad’ or the ‘illusion theory’ and this is propagated by the great sage ‘Adisankara’ around 2000 years back. According to his theory, the physical universe is an ‘illusion’ or it is just arises due to ‘maya’ or our ‘avidya’ or our ignorance but, there is NO universe at all in reality. In other words the universe is just an - ‘illusion’ - just like the presence of a ‘mirage’ in the deserts.

This same concept is present in the ‘Nataraj idol’.

The dance comes into being due to the motion of the different parts of the dancing lord. The dancing lord has different parts in him like – legs, hands, fingers, hairs etc,. These are all nothing but, the string-like parts. Due to the motion of these - string like parts – we come to see certain images, symbols and shapes in the dance or in the dancing lord we come to see certain images, which in fact come into being due to his moving parts. Due to the motion of different body parts the dance comes into being, as long as the motion is there the dance is there but when there is no motion there is NO dance at all.

This is the core concept in the string theory.Due to the vibrating strings the universe comes into being which [the universe] in fact is not there.

Only due to the motion of these strings the universe comes in to being and is ever changing and this is the case with the dancing lord too, the image we see always changes in the dance.

The implication is that the ‘string theory’ is symbolically represented in the ‘dancing lord’ the “Nataraj idol’ along with many other scientific facts.

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