Dark matter in Hinduism

The Blue region in the picture - probably contains the 'dark matter'
Galaxy Cluster  - Abell 520
According to the modern scientists – the matter we could see in the Universe doesn’t account for the various happenings in the cosmos. The modern scientists have many reasons but, one simple example being that the stars present in the galaxies are rotating at much faster velocities against the theoretical predictions based on the present scientific theories, primarily the Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the Quantum mechanics besides others.

{An image of the galaxy - Abell 520 - is presented here. The scientists suspect that the 'blue region' - in the picture probably contains the dark matter}

So, in order to account for the discrepancy the modern scientists suspect that – there should be some kind of matter lurking in the universe, not visible to us or not detected by us so far. The modern science holds the view that such matter [and energy] not in our notice accounts for about ~ 95% in the universe against what we notice is only about 5%. I. e., all the planets, starts, galaxies, black holes and galactic dust account for about only 5% in the universe. The rest of the matter unknown to us is about 95%.

So, there has been a search for the unknown matter present in the universe, the dark matter.

The universe we live in is made up mainly of the elementary particle trinity of - electron, proton and neutron. There are other particles too in our universe and these are collectively called as - Baryonic matter.

The modern science suspects that there are other types of matter particles too apart from the Baryonic matter and is hiding from our notice and it accounts for the 95% of the missing matter in the universe.

Here, it is interesting to note that the Hindu scriptures claim that there are other types of matter too apart from the matter we see around, which our FIVE sense organs fail to detect. Probably, this could be the dark matter the modern cosmologists are searching for.

The Hindu cosmological scriptures claim that this universe we live in is just a small speck in the endless creation, a small wave in the endless ocean. The Hindu scriptures claim that ‘god’ has created billions and billions of universes. Even the modern cosmology has a similar belief in the name of - multivese concept.

The Hinduism claims that – these different universes are formed with different matter particles but, our sense organs fail to catch them all due to their own limitations. Some of these universes intersect and the universe we live in - in fact is sharing the ‘void’ [not space! – concept of space belongs to our universe] with some other universe, i.e., there is some other universe within the universe we live in but, we fail to notice it with our sense organs. The Hindu scriptures claim that there are life forms or beings in some of these invisible universes too. ‘We’ and those beings from the other invisible universes hiding around - though are living side by side, at times are passing through each other –  fail to notice each other.

Hinduism says some of these invisible worlds - harbor more matured life forms than what we are. Some of the names of these alien worlds [invisible universes within our universe] as mentioned in the Hindu scriptures are: Kinnera loka, Kimpurusha loka, Gandharva loka.

The Hindu scriptures claim that – near the Himalayan Mountains one such alien world – invisible world is present, it is the - Gandharva-loka; it means the world [loka] of Gandharvas [it is the name of the beings in that world].

It is also mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that it is possible for us to visit those invisible universes with certain spiritual practices and the Hindu sages were visiting them frequently and those beings too were visiting the India in the past but, ‘we’ – the ordinary people - fail to notice them as we are not spiritually matured enough.

So, these universes that are described by the Hindu scriptures - that are sharing the ‘void’ with our universe, made up with the exotic particles that ‘we’ [and our technology] fail to notice – could account for the dark matter the modern scientists are searching for.

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