Why Re-incarnation ?

Initially the ‘self’ is all idiotic and dirty in nature. For it to gain maturity, to become sensitive – the ‘god’ makes it pass through lots of births – through different species, including plants, birds, animals and finally human beings.

In each of these life forms, the soul gets certain maturity. For example, the birds can fly well, due to the ‘flying’ the birds will gain certain maturity – which the crawling beings will not get, for example the snake. Due to flying the ‘birds’ will utilize their wings [hands like] hence due this prolonged ‘winging’ throughout the life of the bird - certain part of its ‘being’ will get maturity or sensitivity.

Here, it should be noted that – the physical and the unseen or the subtler ‘being’, the self or soul - are connected in the life forms. This is where the ‘physiognomy’ or body reading - comes into play. Due to constant use of certain part of a body throughout life - the corresponding ‘part of the self’ of the individual will mature [will become sensitive] and the concerned ‘being’ is now eligible for the higher life form. So, in the next birth it takes a different life form, an advanced being – thus it elevates itself to a higher life form. For example a cow might take birth as a human being.

The body shape is connected with not only the self but, also with the qualities of the self – this is one of the basics of the science of physiognomy. So, the tiger and ‘aggression’ of the being are also connected along. So, in order to get rid of that bad trait – the self has to take birth as a tiger, if it has more of aggression.

Here, it should be noted that the evolution theory of Darwin operates in nature in such a way as to make the life forms more and more softer and mature as well - because the softness and maturity are connected. It is a principle in the animal kingdom that more the maturity of an animal more its softness. For example, the cow is more matured than a tiger and the parrot is more matured than a vulture, so on. So, in order to get rid of a bad quality the self has to take a rash or inferior life form or being. If aggression is more, then the ‘self’ concerned takes birth perhaps as a tiger. If sexual urge is more the being will take birth as an elephant – the Hindu scriptures are saying this.

So, the self in each of its births is losing certain bad tendency or trait and due to this losing or lessening bad trait – the self gains maturity and consequently is eligible for a better life form. Apart from this – in the process of leading that life – certain body part is more used by it and it gains maturity due to this as well – thus the self will grow or evolve into a higher life form.

When the self has evolved sufficiently, then it is eligible to take birth as a human being. In the human life if it does good deeds it grows to attain the paradise or emancipation. If it [self] does bad deeds then again it goes back [revert] into the animal forms.

Even in the human form the self or soul takes different births - as a servant, a king, a saint and many more. Because, in all these lives the soul will do different works, and it can satiate its different desires too, thus it gains maturity or blooms within.

So, in order to get rid of the particular dirt – the soul is given the concerned life form and in the process of getting rid of this dirt – the soul or self – will gain maturity or it evolves into the higher life form, hence, the necessity of so many births and reincarnations.

In fact, the evolution of Darwin is mainly concerned with the physical bodies of the animals, but in fact this directly helps the self or soul to evolve. If the physical bodies are not ready, how can the soul enter it, live and evolve...?. That is why the Hindu scriptures are saying - everything is inter connected with everything else.

The soul or self is a lotus of thousand petals – according to the Hindu scriptures. In order for it to open it has to take different births – in each birth certain petal of it opens, by the time the soul or self enters the human form most of its petals are opened. The remaining few will open if the soul or self follows the morals and then other will open through spiritual practices. Thus the inner bud will bloom completely and the ‘self’ will attain the ‘godhood’ and there ends the evolution.

This maturity is not an easy thing - lots of hurdles are to be crossed on the route, this is why the life is full of problems.

Unless a stone is hit by the chisel repeatedly – the statue is not made.

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