Why lord Shiva is the best Dancer ?

Lord Shiva is the god of meditation; he is the best for meditating.  Among all the gods – only Lord Shiva can sit still like a statue, this is while he is in meditation. This is the reason lord Shiva is known as the lord of Yogis, the meditating monks. On the other hand lord Shiva can move at the fastest rate as well – he is the best dancer, in his Nataraj avatar.

 This is just an inbuilt law of the universe – the - seesaw  rule, the seesaw – can go to that much higher as much as it can go down. Same is the case with lord Shiva – lord Shiva can sit perfectly still hence, he can dance at the fastest so, the perfect dancer he is - as dance is connected with quickness.

On the other hand – lord Shiva is the best ‘guru’, the best teacher. This is represented in the Dhashina Moorthy – avatar of lord Shiva. This is again by - the seesaw rule. Lord Shiva can be in perfect silence, this too while in meditation so naturally he can speak well too as teaching and speaking are connected so, lord Shiva is the best teacher too, the best guru of all.

This is one of the reasons for lord Shiva being the best dancer and the best 'guru', the best master.

The opposite poles go together – this is an in built law of the universe. If you have some great quality or asset you will suffer due to that someday - to a great extent too…!

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