What is law of actions..or..What is Kharma Siddhanth..?

The modern scientists have been discovering different laws functioning in the physical universe. Akin to this – the Hindu sages had discovered different laws operating in the universe – that are subtler and obscure, not just physical, one such law is the law of actions - that applies to all our actions in general, both physical and mental as well. It is known as the Karma Siddhanth in Hindu scriptures – karma means action and siddhanth means theory or law.

The law of actions is similar to the third law of Newton that says – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For example, if I throw a ball on a wall [my action] – the wall throws the ball on me in return [reaction on to me]. The modern rockets that shoot up into the space in fact are based on this [third] law of Isaac Newton. The rocket ejects the [burnt] gases out and due to this as a reaction – the rocket shoots up into the skies. The speed of the rock depends on the speed at which the gases are emitted out. If the rocket ejects the gases at a faster rate – the rocket moves up faster invariably and vice versa.

In fact, this Newton’s law is a narrowed down law of the law of actions. The law of actions applies to any action in general but, the Newton’s law applies ONLY to the physical objects but, on the contrary the law of actions applies even to our thoughts too.

According to this law of actions – whatever you do or think – that will invariable come back to you in the same proportion. If I make you feel happy – then I too will feel happy later on, to the same extent – in the similar manner. If I feed a hungry person or any being then later on I will be fed when I am in need of food.
If I laugh at you when you slip down on the stair case – due to this later on – I will slip down somewhere and someone will laugh at me and I will suffer to the same extent that you suffered due to me.

So, the law of actions says that – we are solely responsible for your joys and sorrows that we face now. If you are in bad times – you did the same to someone in the past and if you are in good times you did the same good in the past to someone. No one else is responsible for the life we are leading now.

If I kick – I will be kicked later on; if I scold you – I will be scolded upon later on; if I think good for you – later on I will feel in peace/joy in mind. Whatever we do will happen to us – to the same extent – in the same circumstances – in the same manner, this is the law of actions – discovered by the Hindu sages in the Vedic times. The common saying – whatever you sow that shall you reap – in fact reveals the same thing.

The Hindus had the knowledge of this law and lived happily in the ancient India – by helping other beings.

This law governs many things – according to this law eating non-vegetarian food is not good. This is because, you are killing or eating an animal and due to this later on – your flesh will be eaten by some beings. This is NOT a joke – an inexorable reality.

So, the life you will lead later on will depend on the works you are doing now.

Beware of your actions and thoughts now for a happy future…!

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