What is life ?

Life is a voyage from the known to the unknown. Life is a search for the eternal truth, the changeless, the absolute.

We are sailing in the world – to reach our home, the ‘god’.  We are travelling in the world [including our body] as in a vehicle [train] to somewhere, to reach the ‘god’. When we are tired of our travel, when we feel bored of this world, we will think of getting down, we think of rest - we think of something else than what we know, what we have – the absolute or the ‘god’.

All the world is moving and as long as we are moving – we find no rest and joy [this is not a pleasurable journey]. The only way to get joy is to finish the travel, to get out of this world [vehicle] – in the land of rest and peace.

The Hindu philosophy says – the world is a relative place, Albert Einstein’s relativity theory in the modern science is in agreement with this concept of Hinduism. The Hinduism says – as long as we are in the relative world, we will lack something and we will not find joy. So, only way to find joy - is to abandon the relative world, this is by getting out from this world – somehow.

All the religions in fact teach you a way out from this world, the purpose of all spiritual practices is nothing but this – to help you get out from the world, to wake you up from the scream of your nightmare. This is because, the Newton’s law of the classical mechanics says – objects don’t like to change their state due to inertia. We have been traveling for a long in the world so, we are in the inertia of motion - we are unable to stop this journey, we are unable to get down from the world.

So, our task right in front is to – finish this journey, to end this nightmare. Hinduism says – TRUE life will begin only after we finish this tragic journey. It is true that there are little joys in this world, but Hinduism says – there is a clean world that is free of problems and far better than this.

Is it not wise to search that better world – abandoning this problematic world ?

So, this is what the life is ! To get out of the thorns of this life – to get into the ever green pasture fields !

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