Where we are destined for ?

A wave gliding on a ocean, where it is destined for ? Nowhere else but - to reach the shore. Thus we, all the beings are moving in the ocean of the world to reach the shore and our shore is nothing but, the unseen, the absolute or the religions call it as ‘god’, the naming is not important. From the ever changing world we are moving to the changeless abode, the god.

Like a wave we too are falling and rising [ups and downs in life] and we too are maturing within but, of course the ups and downs everyone feels in life, the other one is not evident. But, the Darwinism has an explanation for this. The theory of Darwin says that – the life forms are evolving from one life form to the other life form. But, here Darwin is concerned with the evolution of physical forms. The Hindu philosophy says – the soul indeed is passing through all these physical forms, or the ‘soul’ using these physical forms is gaining maturity or is evolving thorough.

Hinduism stresses that – unless the soul passes through all these physical forms, the life forms it will not reach the goal, will not bloom – will not mature.

So, knowingly or unknowingly all the beings are moving towards the goal of perfection, to attain perfection. Up to the human form – the ‘soul’ need not do anything consciously to grow within, for spiritual maturity. The struggle for survival - gives gradual maturity to the ‘soul’, the individual concerned.

For example – if a leopard is racing after a deer, both of them will gain some maturity within, the souls of these two beings will gain maturity. While both of them are racing – their minds will not think, they are in meditation. So, this will give maturity for them both, spiritual maturity. From the external point – Darwin says they are struggling for survival – but, deep down they are maturing of course in struggling for survival. The same applies to all the beings and for the human beings as well.

Whatever you do, you will get some maturity within, spiritually. This need not be good things but, bad things too will help you mature within but, if you do bad things you will have to suffer – according to the law of actions, the Karma Siddhanth of Hinduism, it is similar to the third law of Newton [for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction]. Your good actions will give you good results [joy] and your bad actions will give you bad results [sorrow] invariably.

So, all the beings are maturing spiritually, from the single cellular beings to the human beings - all are maturing. According to the Hinduism there are THREE types of beings broadly. Those dominated by satva, those dominate by rajas and those dominated by tamas. A mixture of these is also possible too.

Satva – implies ‘godliness’, rajas – implies ‘selfishness’, the tamas - implies ‘badness and darkness’.

Hinduism says all beings and human beings mature or grow from the ‘tamas’ to the ‘satva’, passing through the ‘rajas’ and finally when the soul gets liberation, it goes beyond all these three qualities, Hindus scriptures say this as – trigunaateetah. This is the way all the beings will pass through. This is implied by the saying – today’s sinner is tomorrow’s saint. This is the natural way - the soul passes through, doing bad, doing good things and finally abandoning all doings.

So, the person doing bad things now - will one day mature enough to become ‘good’ and will finally reach the ‘god’. But, it will not happen all of a sudden – might take thousands or even millions of births altogether as the spiritual growth is not easy. But, every being will reach the ‘god’ one day, as the Hindu scriptures claim – pipeelikaadhi bramha paryantham.

After reaching the human form, the ‘soul’ will start doing spiritual practices thus accelerating the inner growth and the progress becomes faster – as the struggle is conscious now. But, even in the human form the ‘soul’ has to take many births before it embarks on the spiritual path. The Hindu scriptures are saying that – even the desire to do spiritual practices will not come easily to the individuals as it is the most difficult of all [Vidyanaam Bramha vidya] in the worlds, it is the most precious desire to get.

So, whether we know it or not – we are all destined to reach the absolute, our home, the ‘god’. Somehow [how - is the ONLY question the Hindu philosophy fails to answer – though it answers, the answer is not to the mind] we came out [fell down] from our home and we have to attain it – that is the goal of all life.

If the journey is joyous we could make it leisurely – but, the life is not a pleasurable voyage, it is the most dangerous of all. So, the Hindu scriptures commend you to reach the goal as soon as possible – the goal ultimate, the goal unseen. Once you reach you will never fall back again – anaavrithi sabdhath.

So, the only thing wise people will do in the world is – uplifting oneself, growing within - doing spiritual practices - else are rubbish things and wasting of time and life.

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