Why Non-Vegetarian food is Bad ?

All the inputs we take will affect our body and our psychology invariably. The inputs we take through our FIVE sense organs and even what we think will affect our psychology but, of course not immediately. When the inputs we take through our sense organs are not good – then our psychology will naturally be spoiled or will become bad. Here bad implies – all that hampers our evolution [spiritual growth]. The only symptom that you are spiritually growing is that, you are becoming softer and softer deep within.  Of course, it [softness] might reflect on your physic too.  Here is a simple equation, the broad one - according to the Hindu scriptures.

What we eat + what we see + what we hear   =>  What we do

Keeping this in view, the Upanishads [Vedanth] of the Hindus has a prayer to the god that goes like this: badram karnebhi, badram shakshubi, etc. It implies “ O lord! Let us see only the good, let us hear only the good”. This is because, if you hear the good and see the good then you will never do or think or utter – bad. Thus you will be happy and the others [world too] too will be happy. If all are good and doing good how can anyone suffer on the Earth?

But, contrary to this the present generation, unfortunately is: hearing bad, seeing bad – due to the media and information revolution. The movies, TVs, the Internet and mobiles – are spreading the bad exponentially. So, our generation is seeing the unprecedented crime rates in the world. Few people and organizations are getting benefited by spoiling the entire people on the globe.

Now coming to eating, what we are eating is all bad and impure and poisonous. This is mainly due to the – stored food with all their chemicals etc., as you know well. But, this article is limited to the discussion against eating the non-vegetarian food.

Unfortunately, eating non-vegetarian food and drinking alcohol has become the modern trend around the world along with many bad things.

But, what we eat invariably has its impact on our psychology. This we can realize by observing the different species that are carnivorous and herbivorous as well. For example, look at a cow or deer - they eat grass [vegetarian] and appear very soft. The cow or deer will not harm you generally, unless you harass it or its calf. On the other hand look at a lion or tiger, these eat non-vegetarian and are very aggressive, you can’t dare to go near it. The dog will come in between these two creatures in aggressiveness, as it is omnivorous – dog eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well. Even the dogs that have been brought up ONLY on vegetarian food exhibit lesser aggression against those dogs fed exclusively with non-vegetarian food.

The difference between them is mainly due to what they eat. This implies that - taking the non-vegetarian will make you violent and aggressive and on the contrary taking the vegetarian will make you soft and gentle. Here it is worthy note that – almost all the criminals take non-vegetarian foods regularly. 

So, if you want to grow within, if you want to evolve, if you want to turn more good, in other words to cultivate goodness in you - you shouldn't eat the non-vegetarian. But, of course, from the physical point eating non-vegetarian looks good – as it makes the body strong, aggressive and rash - the aggressiveness is meant a good trait these days as it helps doing difficult jobs but, the inner growth, spirituality is otherwise – it requires becoming softer and softer. Look at the images of Jesus, Buddha, Ram, Krishna, etc., they are very soft to look at; even their periphery too is soft not only within. This is the sign of spiritual maturity. This is one of the reasons for not eating the non-vegetation food.

On the other hand – eating the flesh of other animals will bring you ‘sin’, this is according to the ‘law of actions’, the karma siddhanth of the Hinduism, this is similar to the third law of Isaac Newton – for every action there will an equal and opposite reaction. According to this – if you do good things the result you get will be good [happiness] and on the other hand if you do bad things [sin] the result you get will be bad [sorrow and suffering]. So, eating non-vegetarian will fetch you ‘sin’ and you will suffer later on. You might argue that you are NOT killing the animals directly while you eat non-vegetarian but, the scriptures are not sparing you. The scriptures are claiming that – the one who kills, the one who cooks, the one who serves and the one who eats – all will get the equal sin, the sin of killing the animal.

The other animals too are on the journey of life similar to us, on the path to maturity [or realization]. So, we should not harm other beings coming along - on the road..!

Another point is that, according to the Darwinism we, the human beings came out or evolved out of the other inferior beings. I. e., the goat, sheep, cow, bull, deer, etc., what the non-vegetarians take as food are in fact our ancestors, as we came out [evolved] from them. So, eating non-vegetarian food means we are eating our own ancestors – so, is it not bad…?

Finally [to my knowledge] – can a man with a gentle heart ever harm any other creature? No matured man or a man of heart could never kill an animal. So, not eating the non-vegetarian is a sign of gentle hearts. The Cannibals eat the flesh of other humans and a meat eater eats the flesh of other animals [except man/woman] and there is no big difference between these two, broadly speaking. A meat eater is just one step down the cannibals and nothing else. So, a man of heart will never eat or encourage the non-vegetarian food.

So if you want to evolve within or want to become soft or don’t want to accumulate ‘sin’ - then you should stop eating the non-vegetarian food.

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