Why only lord Shiva drank the poison..?

While churning the –  skheera sagar, the milky ocean - at first the most dangerous poison [kaalakoot or haalahal] came out of the ocean, destroying everything around and all were running away from the scene, including gods. None of the gods [devas] were capable of controlling it and everyone prayed to lord Shiva to handle the poison. Then lord Shiva came to the rescue of all – took the poison into his palm and gulped it as it were a small fruit and arrested it at his throat. The poison didn’t do any harm to the lord, just it left a dark mark on his throat hence from that day onwards lord Shiva came to be known as Neelakanta, the dark throated one.

This scenario brings a question – why ONLY lord Shiva could handle the great poison, why NOT other gods, say for example – Vishnu or Bramha or Indra ?

It has a logical reason. The small gods can only handle the small problems and when it comes to the highest – only the highest god can handle it. Lord Shiva in other words is known as the – Mahadev, the greatest god. So, naturally – handling the greatest poison is beyond the reach of the small gods [compared to Shiva others are small gods] like Vishnu, Bramha etc., and only the lord Shiva could handle it, so he did.

Another reason is that – lord Shiva is the ultimate destructor. If any small problem comes out, then any of the small gods could handle it but, the greatest danger could be handled only by the destructor, the lord Shiva hence, only lord Shiva took the poison but, NOT the other gods.

But, it fires another question. Why didn't lord Shiva destroy it out side instead of gulping ?

The - kaalakoot or haalahal - the greatest of all poisons, has the property that it can't be destroyed. If  left outside it expands and destroys all around. So, there was no other go than to gulp it and arrest at a safe corner...! Shiva only could do it...!


dave said...

The - kaalakoot or haalahal - the greatest of all poisons, has the property that it can't be destroyed. If left outside it expands and destroys all around. You should try to explain the poison type whether it is antimatter or any other form. How can it be expanded and destroyed other matters. So that will clear the whole picture.

Unknown said...

Actually, we should find the answer to the first comment that is told by Dave. I am also searching for an answer if he drank the poison, so why does nothing happen to him? And by searching for it I came to this website. This website gave me nice information.

Anonymous said...

Even after drinking poison nothing happened to Him because Lord Shiva is God and He is free from birth and death. He is supreme God. It's very simple. Har Har Mahadev