Lord Shiva - the best teacher: Why ?

According to the Hindu philosophy understanding or knowing can never come from outside but, could only come from within, luminous from within. The inner self is nothing but, complete wisdom, or knowledge or gnyan. The Vedas refer to this as – pragyanam bramha. But, it is all covered with dust, the desires. In Bhagawad Geetha lord Krishna refers to this as – kama [desire] is shielding the gnyan like the clouds shielding the Sun. [Agnyane avrutham gnynanam etc.,]

So, according to Hinduism the only way to become wise is to get rid of dirt, the ignorance present within – but not by reading or accumulating all facts from outside. The Hinduism says by reading knowledge is possible but, not knowing. Knowledge is dead but, knowing is alive. This is why in the ancient India – not much emphasis was given on the formal education as it has been done today. But, they gave importance to getting rid of ignorance – this is by means of spiritual practices.

So, the only way to become wise is to kill the ignorance within and lord Shiva is the ultimate destructor. So, it is natural that – lord Shiva can easily kill the dirt, the ignorance present within and thereby can bestow gnayan or wisdom on to you easily hence, Shiva is the best master or guru – and this avatar of Shiva is known as the ‘Dakshina Moorthy’, the ‘god’ facing to the Dakshina or South. According to the Hindu philosophy the South is concerned with death and the god facing to the South can kill death too, the ultimate ignorance or difficulty.

So, lord Shiva can bestow wisdom easily not by teaching you, but by killing the ignorance present in you - hence, the best teacher or guru in the worlds. This is why it has been quoted that - Dakshina Moorthy – teaches through silence, not by speaking! Removing the inner dirt is an operation that needs to be done keeping the patient [the ignorant person] in silence.

Not giving knowledge but, removing the inner ignorance – this is the way of bestowing wisdom or gnyan and Lord Shiva is the best at this hence, Shiva is the best teacher, the best guru.

The seesaw goes to that much high as much as it goes down on the other side.  According to this seesaw rule as well – lord Shiva is the best teacher or guru. Amongst all the gods, lord Shiva can be in perfect silence, this is while in meditation. So naturally lord Shiva can speak well too and hence the best teacher or guru, as teaching and speaking are connected. The conclusion is that - whether at silence or at speech lord Shiva is the best hence he is the best teacher or guru. Salutations to the great guru, Dakshina Moorthy.

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