How to live ?

One should live in such a way that the profits out of the life are maximized, i.e., while you take leave from the life – you should go with the maximum profits, this is the way to live and lead the life.

One should lead the life with a long term goal, to maximize the profits in the long term, i.e., at the end of life one should have the maximum profits.  But, most of the present people are trying to get the gains instantly hence are in debts in the long term, at the end of the life. Seeking the enjoyments right in front – they are not storing anything for the long term.

Going after the temporary joys the people are not benefiting in the long term. In enjoying the world as much as possible – they are doing all sorts of immoral and inhumane things – and thus are getting short term gains but, in the long term they remain as sinners. Once, the life is over – they are in debts, in sins - hence will suffer later.

But, the wise way of living is to have the maximum profits once the life is over. After the death you should go with the maximum – this is the way to live, the wise way to live.

Even though you might earn billons struggling throughout your life – nothing at all will come with you once you say good bye to the life. Rather if you struggle to do good deeds and spiritual practices – whatever you get out of them will come with you in total forever, this is the wise way of living and this is how the ancient Hindus lived.

So, the wise way of living is to do – as much good deeds as possible and to store the ‘good’ in you. This will elevate your being, you will grow within, spiritually you will evolve – thus even after death all this follows you. So, the life will have meaning to it.

 The ancients didn’t care for the present things but, they only had the long term goals. Whether I eat in a star hotel or in a small inn will not matter after I die [eat]. But, instead of eating in the star hotel if I eat in a small inn and donate the difference to poor or needy then – the good I do will come with me even after I die. This is the wise way of living – this is the wise way of maximizing the long term profits in life.

This is – simple living and high living. In this way we will be happy and the entire world will be happy. But, in contrary to this present people are going after the instantaneous joys and in the process are spoiling the environment or harming other people or beings. This in turn will fetch you sorrow and suffering.

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