Work is Worship: How ?

First of all it is necessary to know the reason behind ‘worship’. True worship gives maturity to the person concerned or it gives depth to the individual or it makes the ‘soul’ to bloom and true workshop is not meant for fulfilling the desires on the first hand.

Now, if a person is doing his ‘work’ with full dedication, then it gives the same level of maturity to the individual as that of praying before his/her chosen ‘deity’. For example, if a ‘shooter’ is aiming at his target then he is literally in ‘meditation’ according to the Hindu doctrines of the ‘yoga’. His mind is fully fixed or absorbed on his goal and he is in meditation. So, the ‘shooter’ will get the same maturity out of his ‘shooting’ work as that from meditation. Similarly, a fisherman is in meditation while he is observing for a fish. If he is more deep into it – his meditation is also that much deeper. In the Kurushetra battle field, the lord Krishna teaches the warrior Arjuna, to work without any motive [above figure].

This applies to every work an individual is doing. If ‘you’ are more concerned or more concentrated on your work then you are in meditation at the moment of doing your work and naturally it [your work] gives you the same maturity as that of your meditation. Hence, the Hindu philosophy will not distinguish between – ‘work’ and ‘worship’ and these two are given the equal respect. This concept is also called as ‘karma yoga’ or the ‘work devotion’.

So, the Hinduism commands you to do your work with at most devotion for the dedicated work gives you the same result as that of your ‘prayer’ or any other spiritual practice.

That is why the ‘wholehearted work’ or ‘wholehearted love’ or even ‘wholehearted hate’ - has been lauded in all the Hindu scriptures – for it gives depth to your being or it makes you ‘bloom within’.

This applies not only to the ‘human beings’ but, to any being in general. For example, while an eagle is after it’s pray, its eyes are fixed onto the ‘pray’ and the eagle will not think of anything else and hence, it is in meditation. Due to this ‘meditation’ throughout its life, the eagle gets maturity and in the next birth it [the eagle] is eligible for some higher form of life for example a man or a cow.

The Hinduism says, all the creatures are evolving ‘within’ only due to the ‘devoted work’ they do. This work might be ‘sex’ or ‘anger’ or ‘love’ or ‘hate’ or something else but, it gives maturity to the ‘beings’ and it pushed them on the ladder of life to ‘evolve’ as long as the work is wholehearted. Only due to this ‘work is worship’ principle – all the life forms are evolving ‘within’ and this is not concerned in any way with the Darwin’s evolution of the physical forms of the creatures based on 'natural selection'.

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