Why do we fail to see the God ?

First of all – ‘God’ the ultimate [formless God] is not a physical thing that could be seen with the physical eyes. Secondly, a devotee can see his beloved deity, the ‘god’ in subtler form [ex; Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavir or Muhammud] with the subtler eyes – after prolonged and rigorous prayers in their chosen form but that is not visible to others though present around.
The appearance of Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or Mahavir to their contemporary people is a different matter altogether, just they were extraordinary people amidst the ordinary human beings during their times, like a fully bloomed flower amongst the buds.

But, if they are to be seen now [something extraordinary according to the rules of the universe - a dead person to come alive now], it requires something extraordinary from the side of the viewer and that extraordinary thing is nothing but, rigorous spiritual practices. Anyone can see their chosen deity if they do the concerned religious practices with sincerity and wholeheartedness for a long time and that is why the spiritual experiences are often said to be ‘personal experiences’.

Due to the immense spiritual practices, the inner eye, the subtler eye is opened in the devotee through which the devotee could see his ‘god’ but, the ‘god’ will not appear to the physical eye through which we see the world around.

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