Why women were confined to houses in the past ?

Most of the modern thinkers believe that – the ancients were controlling the women and were not giving freedom to women. Consequently they think the past societies are male dominant and women were suppressed and supporting this claim they quote the stanza from the Manu Dharma Sastra “na stree swatantra marhati” which means like “women are not fit for freedom”. These are all the feminist points of view and the fact is totally different.

The ancient India was under the control of wise men, the sages. They had the knowledge of all facets of life. They were more knowledgeable than the present day scholars and scientists in many ways. The problem with our scientists is that they are good at only one or few subjects or angles of like/world. They study the different angles of life and world as separate entities, not put together. Our scientists or scholars don’t have the holistic perspective towards life and the world.

For example take a scientist good at genetics. He is very good at his subject and is not aware of other sciences. Out of his discovery he creates a genetically modified seed ‘god seed’ - that grows fast and gives a far better yield than others. Now, the world is happy and he is given some prestigious awards and his seed goes viral. But, after 10 or 20 years or so, people will get some new kind of genetic disease and the research teams will dig for the reasons. After painful and long research they find that the ‘god seed’ is the reason for the disease. As usual, the protests will take place to ban the ‘god seed’ and the rest of the story is well known. The same is the case with any modern invention and this is because we are not looking at the word in a holistic perspective. An invention that is good in one angle creates so many problems in other dimensions of life/world.

But, the sages of India had the holistic vision and knew what would happen in advance of the implementations. So, they didn't do the mistakes of the present scientists.

All the ancient Indian rules and customs are good in one or the other way but, the only problem is that the root reasons of them have been lost.

In the same way, letting women wander along with men creates many problems. Many of you know the different problems [benefits too] and I will present a novel problem here.

Rule One: As all know the fact, the fruits will have the traits of the tree it comes from. The child will have the traits of its mother and father – at least in a latent form genetically speaking. This is a scientific fact.
Rule Two: Another fact of science that comes from Charles Darwin is that – Natural Selection. A modified form of it is ‘forced selection’ that the sages of ancient India were aware of. According to this – if a certain trait is not used that will be suppressed and become weaker.
Rule Three: Another scientific fact is that if a person is wandering in the society – that person will become ‘rash’ due to interaction with the society but, of course it has different benefits too.

So, if the women are confined to houses, they will become softer [innocent too] and softer internally [Rule 3] and their ‘rashness’ too will gradually decrease and the ‘softness’ is forced onto them [Rule 2]. So, naturally this will increase the softness of women and their children too will be softer [less brutal, less animal in nature]. With passing descendants the women will become softer and they will give birth to good human beings, more matured human beings.

This is the reason for India giving birth to innumerable spiritual giants, apart from many other customs and rules in India including the Caste System. The western countries didn't breed MANY soft persons like Buddha or Ram or Mahavir – as their women were not soft enough, due to the lack of these rules and customs in their societies.

The present society can’t breed soft persons like – Buddha or Ram - for the present women are not soft enough to give births so such spiritual giants. The present society, where the women are left to wonder freely along men, can breed only rash people and naturally the society too will become unbearable and cruel.

So, this is the main reason for confining the women to their houses in the past. They ancients - they didn't have any grudge over the women and they didn't want to control the women. In fact the ancients were more freedom lovers and much more loving in nature then - we are.

Magastanes, the Greek tourist to India, around 2500 BC in his famous diary “Indica” had written – “I haven’t seen an Indian man or woman to speak untruth or being unchaste”. Do you think this commitment is possible without love and affection towards their women? Can such people of love, force or ill treat their women?

The ancients had better wisdom than we - the moderns are in many ways and created better society but, we are short of understanding and prejudiced and think bad or wrong of them. That’s all! But, nothing is wrong with many [all?] of the past traditions and beliefs. They came to being after deeper under understanding and insight – form the sages.

If out of my stupidity, I am unable to understand Einstein’s relativity - can I say it is wrong?

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