Four heads of the Bramha and the Four Dimensions of our Universe!

The Hindus have developed many ‘sastras’ [sciences] and they had compiled a science on ‘kama’ [sex] in the name of “Kama Sutra”. Though many had written books on ‘sex’ the most famous of them all was written by the sage Vatsayana. Of course, it is the widely known book of the Hindus to the western world beside the philosophical treatise “Geetha” by the lord Krishna.

But, the western scholars have been in touch with other works of the Hindus and among them the cosmology of the Hindus is very dear to the modern cosmologists. Late Carl Sagan, former director of NASA – in his famous book “cosmology” – claims that “though every religion in the world has a cosmology of its own, only the Hindu cosmology comes very close to the modern cosmological theories but, none other. Some of the concepts in the Hindu cosmology are quite baffling and they go beyond even the imagination of the modern cosmologists” and Mr. Sagan had given some example concepts too it his book.

The “relativity” concepts of Einstein are present in the Hindu cosmology books, especially in the “Bramhanda Purana” – the treatise on the universe. It has been claimed by many that Einstein indeed had red that book before the discovery of his ‘relativity’ theory.

In fact, the 4 – head of the Bramha, the creator of this universe as described by the Hindu scriptures are in fact represent the [Einstein’s] 4 – dimensions of our Universe. The three dimensions are ‘special’ dimensions and the fourth one is the ‘time’ dimension. We could see the three of these dimensions and fourth dimension [time] is not visible to the eye. This is symbolically represented by the 4 – heads of the Bramha, the creator. Three of his heads are visible and the fourth head [time] is not visible to the eyes and is hiding back.

The ancient people were mainly ‘heart oriented’ people contrary to us - the ‘mind oriented people’, the people of this age.  We function mainly with the ‘mind’ hence we fail to grasp the terminology of the ancient scriptures those were aimed at the ‘heart oriented’ contemporary people of the past. In fact there is a need to rewrite all the ancient books in the modern language of the ‘mind’. I.e., a translation is required from the ‘heart’ language, the poetic form [symbols, forms and stories] to the ‘mind’ language [equations and numbers]. Unless this happens, we - the modern people will not grasp/tap the ancient knowledge that is far more advanced than the present age.

So, the 4 – heads of the “Bramha” are in fact represent the 4 – dimensions of this Universe. These are all symbolic representations of the facts in the language of the past people, the poetic language. If someone says 4 – Dimensions the majority of the people of the past [can all the modern people grasp?] wouldn't had grasped that concept. So, they described the creator to have 4 – heads. If a person has 2- hands then it implies that his creation, his children too will have 2- hands. So, if the creator has 4- heads means his creation too will have 4 – heads and in our language this is nothing but, the 4 – dimensions of the universe. Everything in the universe has 4 – dimensions as expounded by Einstein.

Apart from the 4 – headed creator [our Bramha] the Hindu scriptures [ex: Bhagavata Purana] claim that there are innumerable creators [Bramha-s] each with varying number of heads and there is no limit to this number of heads. The heads count ranges from - one to infinity. This indicates the knowledge of the ancient people of the – multiple universes or the multi-verse concept of the modern cosmology.

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