The Sun rides on 7 – horses: what does it mean ?

The ancients were ‘heart oriented’ people and all their scientific sayings too were expressed in the language of the heart, in the poetic form.

All the ancient stories, symbols etc., in fact have deeper meanings. Another advantage of this poetic language is that – a single expression has many meanings at the same and it is not possible in the language of the heart, the language of the modern scientists.  For example;

E = mC2   -  has only one well defined meaning.

But, a single ancient saying has many meanings and this meaning depends on the maturity of the person hearing/ reading it. Each person understands the ancient saying [the language of the heart] in his/her own way – depending on their maturity level. In other words the ancient scriptures are like mirrors that reflect the onlooker, i.e., depending on the maturity of the reader/listener it is understood differently.

If different persons look at a piece of a cloud – each one sees it differently. For example, one in love sees his beloved in the cloud, a kid sees its mother and another kid sees a toy in it, a religious person might see an angle there, a witch might see a ‘ghost’ and the like. Depending on their mentality or situation it is understood differently.

Same is the case with the ‘sastras’ [ancient scriptures]. They reveal different things to different people and of course all the meanings will be helpful to the individuals concerned.

But, the modern scientific equations have only two choices. Whether they are understood in full or not understood at all as they have only one meaning. In contrary to this the ancient sayings – have a spectrum of meanings and are applicable to everyone exposed to them as they have a broader perspective.

The Sun having 7 – horses is nothing but, it is the symbolic representation of the seven colors of the “Sun”. The modern concept of “frequencies” of the light rays was inconceivable to the ancient individuals but, the horses easily understandable to them.

The Sun is moving and before the ‘star’ Sun is moving – the rays of the Sun are moving in advance. For example if Sun is coming toward me – before him his rays are moving. Symbolically, before a person moves [on chariot] his riding horses are moving in advance. So, the ancients say that the – Sun is moving on his 7 – horses. These 7 – horses correspond to the 7 – rays in the visible region of the light, the VIBGYOR.

The ancient Hindu books also mention that the – Sun has many other horses that are not visible to the necked eye and this is nothing but, they are referring to the infra-red and ultra-violet rays of the SUN. The different frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum were simply referred to as different horses.

The horses are not the real physical horses and it has some deeper meaning and these symbolic representations are not mindless. In fact they have deeper meanings as are the other symbols and stories and etc., in the ancient jargon.

If I say that my love is a ‘rose’ - does it mean that she is a ‘rose’…?   

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