Why all Religions imposed sexual chastity on Men & Women ?

Not only Hinduism but, almost all the religions of the world imposed a ban on ‘prostitution’ and restricted men and women to be sexually loyal toward only ONE person in life that is the spouse. Pre-marital and extramarital sexual relationships of all kinds have been banned stamping it as great ‘sin’.

As it has been common with any dictum or custom of the past, the reason for the above custom is also not known clearly. This is because, the ancient societies were all ‘heart oriented’- and they didn’t stress much on the ‘brain oriented’ thing - reasoning. Most of the people would not question – the rules and customs they were accustomed to follow, just they would take it for granted and follow without any suspicion. Because, they had such a great respect on the people who imposed these rules for the ancient societies were led by the self-less and pious sages and saints of Hinduism. If they say something, that will be only ‘good’ for others and the society and the entire world as well. The sages will not say or do something that is ‘bad’ or ‘harmful’ to anyone or any creature. Such was the dignity of the leaders of the ancient India. There is no point in suspecting the sayings of a selfless saint like – Veda Vyas or Valmiki or Manu or Yagnavalkya - who lead an aesthetic life dwelling in the forests, abandoning the worldly life. Can a person of that pious living can do or utter anything harmful to others? Can they cheat anyone? So, naturally the words of these sages were taken for granted – even if they were not understandable to the majority of the common masses. After all they are not the modern day politicians to cheat you to fulfill their selfish motives. They are all the self-less beings but, with the only one desire if all, to do ‘good’ to all.

Many of the ancient customs have deeper meanings and are not easily understandable to the common man. Naturally, the majority of the people didn’t question these beliefs and customs and took them for granted and lived happy lives by following them. But, we - the modern people are ‘mind oriented’ people and we need explanation for everything – whether we understand or not and we don’t understand and think at all in majority of the cases to the depth.

The ancient societies had wise people than the present generation but, of course ‘we think we know’ and this is a different thing altogether. The ancient people will not suspect their customs for they know it for sure they were all only for their good. But, we don’t believe anything [including our spouse and near ones] on the one hand and on the other hand we don’t try to understand but, just we suspect or condemn everything out of our ‘ego’ – that is the problem of the present generation in majority of cases.

The ancient customs were all time tested and are all gems but, we fail to understand their value and are throwing them aside like a glass merchant throwing aside a small piece of a glass like thing, not knowing the value of it – suspecting it to be useless glass which in fact is a rare ‘gem’.

The question of sexual chastity in Men & Women - is also such a dictum that came down to us from the ancient societies. It is highly valuable principle but, unfortunately we don’t know its value alike the above said poor glass merchant – poor to believe and poor to understand as well.

Some of the reasons for sexual chastity - are given here under, beside many other reasons in vogue that you might be already aware of:

1)      No great person in the history came to birth out of unchaste – parents. The stress is more so in the mother [even I don’t know some of the reasons, but am writing ‘what I know’ could be helpful].

2)      People who don’t have sexual purity – will turn rash [we could observe in the case of prostitutes] and will lose their [inner] purity.

3)      Great souls will not enter the impure ‘wombs’. But, of course this is beyond the grasp of the modern scientists. Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha – and no other great soul landed from a sexually un-chaste mother.

4)      The sexual purity – it was taken to still more heights, more exalted in the case of ‘Jesus’ to impose more purity on “Jesus” and the Bible says – ‘Jesus’ the ‘pure’ – came out of VIRGIN Mary. Whether the modern science accepts it or not – we have a point in it. Only if the mother is [sexually] pure she could give birth to mature or great children.

5)      None of the great people in the history came to being out of impure parents. So, to breed good and great children the parents must lead a pious life. There might be some exceptions to this – but, those cases will have different reasons behind them, as we can’t generalize anything or any rule. But, this rule is applicable in the general case.

6)      On the other hand – individuals, who are not pure sexually, will not grow spiritually [again, it has few exceptions – as in the case of any general rule] as the spirituality is nothing but, converting or sublimating the ‘sexuality’ [sexual energy] into higher forms of energy. This is discussed by the sage “Pathanjali” in his famous book - “Yoga Sutra”. In the ‘Sanskrit’ – literature the transformed energy is called as “Ojas”, this makes a man spiritual and elevates him to still higher planes toward the fulfillment of life. And the people who are not pure sexually – will not grow ‘within’ and will turn more ‘animalist’ in nature losing their ‘sensitiveness’. The ‘bud’ has to transform into a flower but, shall not transform into a ‘seed’ and the ‘man’ has to turn into ‘god-man’ but, not into a ‘brute’. So, if we want to grow ‘in’ – one must be sexually pure otherwise the man will go back in evolution. If I cheat today – I will be cheated tomorrow.

Only few reasons are presented here – but, of course there are many reasons in vogue. When going ‘up’ or ‘down’ is a choice – any healthy man could choose to go ‘down’ willingly?

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