Why the 'human being' - is the last & the best - in evolution ?

According to the principles of Charles Darwin – the 'Human being' came into existence out of - 'Natural Selection' and "evolution'. Philosophical speculations on this will fire another question immediately - ‘why the human form had stopped to evolve into a still higher form’…?

The Hindu religious answer to this question is this – up to the human form there is a evolution in the physical form and ‘this’ is the last and the most matured of all the forms the nature can make. The nature has helped ‘us’ - up to this by producing the best ‘form’ from the primitive ‘single cellular’ being. Up to the human form – everything was done by the ‘nature’ itself and the creatures didn’t [needn’t] do anything on their own to grow. Just by mere fighting or trying to adjust to the environment the life forms grew or evolved or matured into the higher life forms. Once the human being came into existence – the nature can’t help now an individual to mature more.

This is because until now, the birth of ‘human form’ - a change in the physical form [one animal to another] could facilitate the growth or evolution but, after this no more change in the physical form could help – but, the inner journey has to start here. The nature has helped ‘us’ up to the human form – after this we have to help ourselves to elevate our-self [within]. Referring to this ‘Lord Krishna’ - in the ‘Geetha’ had mentioned that –‘one has to elevate oneself on their own’ [udda re naatma naatmanam] because we have to grow ‘within’ – from here onwards and for ‘inner’ evolution the physical world [the nature] can’t help. For the physical evolution [change in body forms] the nature, the ‘physical world’ has helped and for the inner evolution the ‘nature’ can’t help.

With the ‘human form’ - We have reached the pinnacle of the evolution and from here on - our journey of evolution is ‘within’ and no more ‘outer’ evolution could help us. There is no evolution in the physical form but, the evolution of the ‘consciousness’ starts from here. This ‘flat form’ [human form] is sufficient to ‘evolve’ – ‘within’, to help the ‘inner’ evolution.

As the ‘human form’ helps us to grow ‘within’ with our intellectual [and other] might – the ‘human form’ is said to be the highest form, as no other animal in evolution could work for the growth of the ‘inner self’.

The nature has helped the ‘life forms’ to grow up to the point [human form] that could start its inner journey. It’s like pushing a ‘space craft’ out of the orbit of the Earth and later on the space craft will move on its own and no more pushing is needed. So, no more ‘physical’ evolution is need after the human form as it [the human form] can evolve on its own. This is the reason the ‘human form’ is said to be the best form of ‘life’ as it is at the ‘top’ of the physical evolution and the ‘last’ too in the ‘physical’ evolution for the ‘nature’ is incapable of making anything more than this, the ‘being that could grow on its own’.

The other logic is that – our universe is finite – according to the modern cosmology and from the Einstein’s general theory of relativity as well. So, nothing can happen ‘infinitely’ in this limited universe. The finite universe can’t allow anything – infinitely. There should be an ending for anything and to the ‘evolution’ too and the human form is the last in the sequence. The fruit being the best product of the tree, we call it the ‘best’ output of the tree and so is the ‘human form’ the best product of the ‘nature’. And it is the last too as it is the ‘final’ product of the ‘nature’ as the ‘fruit’ being the last from a tree.

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