Why the world is full of problems ?

The world is full of problems because, there should be problems in the world ! This might seem shocking, but it is true – according to Hinduism.

If the world is free of problems – Will there be maturity in the people?  Can anyone grow in any way? Finally, will anyone think at all of God and heaven?

According to Charles Darwin, the “naturalist”, ‘life forms’ will evolve, according to the principle of ‘natural selection’. The ‘best’ creatures are selected by the ‘nature’ and are given a chance to lead their life and those creatures failing to ‘win’ the race will perish.

This implies that the ‘problems’ are a means that give birth to higher forms of life. Out of problems, higher ‘creatures’ are born. If there are no problems in nature, if there is no ‘struggle for survival’ there is no scope for the birth of higher forms of life. This logic extended says that – problems are meant to bread some ‘higher things’, problems have higher motives, whatever they might be, how miserable and heart rending they might be! Out of the ‘darkness’ the golden light will descend.

Nature teaches us by means of problems and the nature selects those individuals who succeed in solving the problems, who could pass though the problems for some higher purpose in life. Only after testing in the ‘interview’ by posing complex puzzles, questions and problems a job is given to an individual. This implies that – the ‘nature’ gives you problems today only to bless you with some great ‘gift’ or might be to keep you in some suitable ‘job’  later on in life.

Problems will make us ‘good’, they will correct our bends. The more the bend of a rod, the blacksmith will give it a severe blow to make it right. Thus too – if we have more crookedness, sever bends, then the nature will give us a serious blow to make us straight, to erase our darkness and they [problems] are just not meant to make us suffer.

Newton discovered “gravitation’ when he was caught in the ‘doubt’. To come out of his intellectual problem, he discovered the theory of gravitation. If he had no doubt/problem – if he hadn’t have the doubt he wouldn’t have discovered the theory of gravitation. His problem, his doubt – made Mr. Newton immortal on the soil. This is meant to say that – problem of any individual is meant for some good and useful purpose at the end but, unless we cross the problem there is no way to find the usefulness of the problem, whatever the problem might be this rule applies to it. In some cases we might not know the ‘good’ or ‘use’ of ‘it’ even at the end of it.

Even during the times of ‘joy’ or ‘no problems’ too – there will be some type of growth, some kind of knowing/ understanding will take place – but, only this is not complete. Unless the other side, the dark side is also tasted there is no fulfillment, there is no full blooming of the human soul for the soul can’t bloom on joy alone.

‘we’ came to the world for the ‘inner’ growth. Unless we taste both sides of life – we will not attain to our perfection.  If a ‘flower’ is left in a lake – that is calm, without ripples will it ever reach the shore? Unless there are ripples in the lake the flower can’t reach the shore. Unless we taste both the tears of joy and the tears of sorrow – we will not reach the feet of god, we will not ‘bloom within’.

Problems are meant for our [inner] growth, not to make us suffer, to cry, to weep. Problems are meant to sharpen us, philosophically speaking – problem are meant to make us understand the ‘futility of the world’. The problems make us understand the world in its true light – the knowledge that comes to us during our good times alone will not do!

From the religious point – will anyone think of GOD if there are no problems in the world? In fact only due to the problems in the world we take a glance at the skies, we turn our head toward the god and gradually due to these problems we become more and more spiritual and finally we will be eligible to reach the kingdom of god, the heaven. So, if there are no problems – the very world will become a paradise and we will settle here. The problems are meant to make us push ahead on the way, toward our goal, towards the GOD.

So, we have to find ways to solve or get out of the problems – and we shall not waste our time in repenting or loosing heart or weeping - as many do. There is a saying in the Hinduism – ‘everything is meant only for good’. The problems are meant to make us clean, to make us mature, to give us more insight and finally to lead us to the kingdom of ‘god’, by making us ‘gods’.

A matured man says - “a rock will hate the chisel but, a statue will be thankful to it [the chisel]. Thus too, O my enemies! I am thankful to all of you at this juncture [dusk] of my life”.

Problems will make a person mature! Problems unleash the hidden powers of individuals! Problems will make us grow and step ahead! Finally problems will show a way to the Paradise and will take us to the God!

So, be thankful to the problems, whatever they might be! For, they are meant only for your ‘good’.

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