Will the fruits of our actions come back to us ?

Definitely!  With NO doubt at all - Hinduism says !

This is defined by the ‘law of Karma’ in the Hinduism and it is known by the name “karma Siddhanth”. This is directly related to the third law of Newton – which states that “for every action these is an equal and opposite reaction”. This law of Newton is nothing but, the narrowed down law of the Karma. ‘Karma’ – literally means ‘action’ and it implies there is a resemblance between the two words and laws.

‘karma siddhanth’ – is a broader law that applies to any action in general and the Newton’s law describes only the action of forces. So, this implies that we have to bear the fruits of our actions and we can’t escape them though one might hide in obscurity. The ‘good’ or ‘bad’ things we do will come back to us without fail.

Not only this, the Hinduism describes again that – all that we do through our body, tongue and mind will come back to us to through the respective organ. This means that whatever the body does will come to us though the body that too through the respective body part.  Whatever we utter will come back to us through someone else’s tongue and whatever we think will come to us through our mind. I. e., the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we are responsible for will return back to us through the respective means, without fail. This means that even the thoughts too will have their effect on us in the future. If ‘I’ pray for someone’s happiness or well being then this act of my mind will make me happy in the future, making me mentally happy. If “I” laugh at someone’s suffering or sorrow then in the future someone else will laugh at me on my sorrow or suffering. If “I” kick a person, then in the future I will be kicked by someone else.

The Hindu sages were wise and propagated all these fundamental truths of life and of the Universe all over India through different means. The common man of the past had the knowledge of these basic laws of the Universe and they lived happily by following them. The ancient Hindus knew what comes for which actions and they were doing ‘good’ even in the absence of ‘police’ for they had the fear of these laws. So, naturally they were not doing ‘bad’ things and due to this wisdom they lived happily and the society too was happy. Later on this descended down and has been described as ‘god fearing’.

If I cultivate the habit of helping others then in the future I will get back the help when I am in need. If I feed some being [any living being] then in the future I will not starve. So, Hindus had the habit of offering a fist full of food to some being before eating. Simple things like these made the Hindus to lead a happy life.

If the results come to us immediately, then they will be in the equal proportions and if delayed we will get more than what we had done. This implies that we will get the ‘interest’ too for our actions for both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ actions.

These are the general laws functioning in the universe just like the Newton’s laws. One might escape from the ‘Law’ after the crime but, the “law of Karma” will not spare you. It will return you the fruits of your actions soon or later without doubt.

Bad actions or good actions – these terms have a universal meaning and these are not limited only to our actions towards human beings but to any life form as well. If I do some harm to other being that too is harm only and the same is the case with ‘good’.

If you are happy or suffering now, that is the result of your past actions and nothing else and no one else. We are solely responsible for our present conditions!

So, beware of your actions! Have a happy future!!

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