What is the purpose of Religion ?

Even from the prehistoric times there have been religions, around the globe but of course many are preliminary and very few are advanced religions. The purpose of religions is twofold.
ONE –uplifting those people leading a life without morals, transforming the people those are living like animals or making a man out of an animal – this is the BASIC purpose of any religion. I. e., the religion is an instrument using which a man can be made out of an animal. The ‘animal’ like brute is made to fit into the fabric of the ‘society’ by means of the religion. When a person follows the basic religious rules he/she will turn into a ‘human being’ abandoning the ‘animal’ behavior and can live in the society and thus others too will live in peace. In order to achieve this, different ‘religions’ have imposed different rules and regulations in the society.

When all are following the same rules in the ‘traffic’ none [very few] will be in troubles and when all people are following the same rules there will be no [very few] problems in the society and all [majority] can lead a happy life in the ‘society’. The religions achieved this ‘harmony’ in the society - by means of ‘threat’ or ‘punishment’ or ‘rewards’ to the ‘individuals’. This is the BASIC motive of all the religions in the world.

This is the motive behind all the ‘religious’ conversions too. They want to bring the ‘animals’ into the cage of the so called ‘religion’. Those leading ‘immoral’ life, the ‘animal’ life are – forced into the clutches of morals [society], they are made to bound by the ‘morals’ and are bound to the society. Naturally, these religions produced simple ‘spiritual literature’ that is just suited for their purpose and they don’t have books that are broad and deep – intellectually.

TWO – most of the religions around the world have stopped at the above purpose and needless to say these are the primitive religions. The most advanced religions like Hinduism took a step further and started to make ‘gods’ out of the mere ‘individuals’ in the society. In order to do such complex job, the Hindu religion created a complex society and their literature too is unique in the world. NO other religion in the world has these many books, this much depths and this much breadth in ‘religious and spiritual thinking’, these many customs, these many rituals, the caste system, these many ‘gods’ and many others. Could you think anything complex like these can come out without any purpose and thinking?

Only due to the ‘presence’ of the advanced and complex society in India – the Hindu religion gave birth to innumerable ‘spiritual giants’ in India and NO other country in the world produced these many. The other countries ‘delivered’ few ‘prophets’ but, the Hinduism delivered ‘gods’ like ‘Ram’, ‘Krishna’ etc., and this happened NO where else in the world because, the Hindu society was that much advanced.

This is the other purpose, the advanced purpose of the religions - to make 'gods' out of the people in the society whereas the primitive religions stopped at making 'good people' out of the 'human-animals'.

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