What is ‘non-dual’ theory of Hinduism ?

The Hinduism says – there is no ‘multiplicity’ in the universe and the universe has or consists of only one 'thing'. But, we are seeing myriad things around and it is very difficult to comprehend this concept of Hinduism beside many others.

But, even from the point of the ‘modern science’ as well – there is no ‘second-thing’ in the ‘universe’ but, it has only one thing for sure. This conclusion is possible from two different arguments through the modern science.

ONE - All the objects present around are nothing but, the manifestations of energy and the Einstein’s famous mass-energy equation given below is in support of this.

E = m C2

Upon application of this all the matter we look around reduces down to just ‘energy’ or in other words the world present around is nothing but, the manifestation of ‘energy’ or ‘Shakti’ – according to Hinduism. Though the ‘universe’ might seem to have different objects – fundamentally - ‘all is nothing but, ONE’ and there is no secondary or dual thing in the universe – according to the modern physics.

The ‘Big Bang’ theory of the ‘modern cosmology’ also tells the same thing. At the starting stages of the universe there was 'no matter' and only energy was there just after the ‘birth of the universe’ and there was no matter at all. The matter or the matter particles we see around – the electrons, protons, neutrons etc., came into being long after the ‘birth’ of the universe from the ‘energy’ that came out from the ‘Big Bang’.

Thus, the ONLY thing in the universe is ‘energy', the Hinduism calls it as ‘Shakti’ and its counterpart ‘Shiva’ is not known to ‘us’ and all the philosophical treatises are only to realize that ‘unknown’, the ‘Shiva’.
TWO – the other argument comes from the ‘string theory’ of the modern science – according to this there are no matter particles in the universe. Due to the fluctuation or oscillations of the ‘strings’ or the ‘energy waves’,  at their intersecting points we are seeing the matter particles, which in fact are not there. But, due to our ‘illusion’ or ‘ignorance’ as the Hinduism says – we come to see the world and the world in fact is not here. The ‘string-theory’ says – there is no matter in reality but, it seems to be there as we see the waters in a ‘mirage’ in the deserts. The ‘string’ theory says the universe arises or comes into being or just it appears - due to fluctuating energies and there is NO other thing in the ‘universe’ except ‘energy’ in spite of the myriad things we observe around.

So, from the above observations it is clear that there is ‘no second thing’ present in the universe and this is described as the ‘advaita -siddhanta’ or the ‘non-dual theory’ in the Hinduism. ‘Aadi Sankara’ – the great sage and philosopher, who lived around 1000 years back, is the foremost of the propagators of this concept.

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