Why not to do bad things ?

There is a law in the ‘dynamics’ of classical Physics that governs the ‘action of forces’ and this is nothing but the THIRD law of Newton. It says - ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.  The modern rockets shoot up based on this principle. 

In Hinduism there is a generalized law of this – that applies to any ‘action’ in general and not just to the action of forces. This is known as ‘Karma Siddhant’ or the ‘doctrine of Karma’. It says – whatever ‘you’ do ‘you’ have to get back its results and it also adds that it is impossible to escape the results of your actions.

The Newton’s law stated above is just a ‘narrowed down’ principle or a derived principle of the ‘law of Karma’ [law of action], the later includes the former law of Newton.

So, whatever we do, or utter or think – will have its effects and we have to bear it in future and it is impossible to escape the results of ‘our actions’. If  you do good or bad - to others then it will return back to us in future, in other words - whatever I am doing unto others is in fact I am doing it onto myself – according to the “law of action’.

By making or keeping others happy you will be happy in the future and present too and if ‘you’ harm others ‘you’ will surely later.  If you commit something ‘bad’, ‘You’ might escape from the ‘Law’ but, the ‘law of Karma’ working in the Universe will not spare you. You might cheat others and lead a happy life today but, the ‘law of actions’ will not spare you and you will suffer later on without doubt.  

This applies not only to your actions onto the human beings but, to ‘your’ action onto any ‘being’ in general, animals and birds and all ‘forms of life’.

That’s why the Hindu scriptures proclaim – NOT to do any kind of harm or bad to anyone not only physically but, through words and thoughts as well. The age old saying – ‘whatever you sow that shall you reap’ - indeed gives ‘you’ the same meaning of ‘the law of actions’.

So, beware of ‘your’ actions and be happy!

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