You will get your own day !

“Thou will get thy own day,
To shine with myriad splendors!”

--   excerpt from the poetic collection“The Nascent Moon”

This is a world of continuous change. The world is changing at every moment of time. Philosophers claim that nothing in the world is changeless but, ‘change’ alone.

The Moon is changing, Sun is changing, oceans are changing, our minds are changing, even in the atom too – the electrons are changing positions, what not, everything is changing in the world. This is a boon as well as a curse too – depending on the situation.

The rivers are changing into deserts, mountains crumble, cities fade into silent gravy yards, spring turns into deadly winter, etc., and these changes are painful indeed.

On the other hand, dull moon is changing into full moon, spring will occupy the place of the winter lands, golden light of the dawn is flooding in the place driving the deadly darkness away, a sinner will mature into saint tomorrow. These are some of the examples of the good changes we encounter in the day to day world around. Of course the reverse too might happen as mentioned earlier – but, we are optimists and must look at the good things in life – in order to be happy. Our aim is to be happy – so we would love to take or look at the positive things in life – at all the possible times.

Struggle, sorrow and suffering are the integral parts of life; they are bound to be there in life. Life can’t be there without sorrow, suffering and struggle – these are the parts and parcel of the capsule of life.

So, it is NOT wise to get dishearten when something bad knocks at the door of life. For a person who is daring enough to welcome death wholeheartedly, even the death will fear, will be defeated, ashamed.

At times you might have watched on the TV screens on the Discovery or Animal planet etc., channels - leopard chases the dear and at the final summit, the dare dear stops running and starts to fight against the leopard and the leopard runs away.

So, the morel of the story is that, as long as you fear something that something will fall behind you and threatens and when you keep your brave heart the ‘threat’ fears to stand before you and runs away. The one who can oppose or stand against the ‘threat’ or ‘seeming defeat’ - will succeed in all walks of life and will emerge as a hero or heroine and the rest of who bend their head will fail and perish. This is the ‘story’ – nay! The secret of success!

This is the secret of ‘success’, the story of  in all the successful persons on the world, the heroes of the past, the heroes of the present and the story of would be heroes as well.

So, don’t dishearten if ‘failure’ threatens you! ‘Defeat’ implies that you were not prepared to tackle the problem well. If you prepare well ‘nothing’ is impossible. The word ‘impossible’ can be found ONLY in the dictionary of fools. But, of course, you have to go through many struggles in order to achieve the sweet success. Sweat and even tears might flow – but, if ‘hope’ is not coming oozing out your ‘dream’ will come true. In fact, failures show you the way to success.

Only passing through, struggling through the dark alleys the little Moon can become glorious. There is no other way! An individual who succeeds will inspire and console not only the people around, but the objects of the world too. Looking at the dull-Moon an ordinary man would get solace and inspiration to struggle but, a wise man would rather console and inspire the dull-Moon itself, by saying:

“Thou art the nascent Moon,
Dim and gloomy and sorrowful”
“Yet – do not grieve
And loose not thy heart,
Thou will get thy own day,
To shine with myriad splendors!”

--   excerpt from the poetic collection“The Nascent Moon”

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