Why not to escape punishments ?

In the modern world we witness either directly or through the media - many crimes happening in the world. Pathetically, in many cases the culprits escape without any punishment. It might be due to the holes in the law or due to the foul play of the culprits. The modern common man things that it would be okay to do anything without being caught! So, majority of the modern people hold the view that ‘we can do anything as long as there is no witness or without being caught’. Only due to this false view many people commit various crimes on a wide spectrum. But, the philosophers and the wise people always claim that ‘always be cautious not to commit any crime and accidentally if you commit any sort of crime it is better to get the punishment instantly otherwise it is going to cause you severe problems later on in life’.

Whatever we do knowingly or unknowingly now will give its result back to us some time in the future without fail. We have to bear the fruits of our actions. The eastern religions call this as the ‘law of Karma or the law of actions’. This is akin to the Newton’s third law of motion, which states that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. The above mentioned ‘law of actions’ is in fact a broader version of the Newton’s third law and it applies to any action in general not only to motion.

If we apply this ‘law of actions’ to crimes, then it implies that whatever crime or sin you commit in the world to others will come back to you later on in life or in the next birth and you can’t escape it. The eastern religious state that ‘the law of actions is inexorable and indomitable of evasion’. So, if you make others to ‘suffer’ then later on in life you have to suffer that much again.

For example, if a terrorist kills some persons then that terrorist has to suffer the ‘total suffering’ of those being killed. Not only that but, the law of actions states that, that terrorist has to undergo the total sufferings of the ‘friends and relatives suffering due to the death’ of those persons bring killed.

The ‘law of actions’ is not sparing even those who ‘kill the animals and other beings’ as well. The ‘law of actions’ claims that killing animals and other beings  too is a crime and you have to suffer due to killing any being or life form in general. This is why the eastern religions stress not to eat ‘non vegetarian food’. Even the eastern religions claim that ‘eating grains too is a crime and sin’, even plucking flowers from a plant is a crime. But, these are not as criminal as killing a man and these reasons are too deep to find a place here. So, not to get any kind of ‘sin’ the sages and saints of the east eat only those that are lifeless like; milk, pulp of fruits [not the seeds], dead leaves, etc.

Whatever you do, you are bound to get its results back. Even in the case of the simple ‘crimes’ you will get its results back without fail.

Many of the ancient civilisations, especially of the east had this advanced knowledge about how ‘our actions impact us’ and consequently they were not involving with any crimes. In case if they do any crime accidentally, then those people used to get the concerned punishments voluntarily. That much wise the ancient people were. The history of the east is brimming with the tales of the ancient people going to the court of their king voluntarily to get punished for the crimes they do unintentionally. But, so foolish the modern people are they plan and commit heinous crimes and want to escape the punishments somehow!

Another point is that, if you do any crime and you if you postpone the punishment you will be punished more as the time passes by. It is just like investing in a bank! You will get back the interest too without fail.

The ancient scriptures of the east claim that not only those committing the crime directly but, those support the crime directly or indirectly, those give the wrong statements on the crime in the court, those mislead the judgement, those misjudge, etc., too are also criminals and they share the ‘sin’ of it and have to suffer later on due to their sinful act.

Another interesting point is that, the eastern scriptures classify the crimes into three types; crimes done physically, crimes done orally and the crimes done through the mind/thought. Whatever means you do the crime you have to suffer only through that means. For example, if you kick a person then later on you will get back the punishment as kicks; if you scold a person you will get the punishment verbally; if you think of a good person in a ‘bad’ way then in the future people will think of you in a bad sense.

Yet another point is that, in whatever situation you commit the crime - in the same situations you will be punished for that. For example, if you insult a person in a gathering, due to this you will be punished later on ‘as an insult to you’ while you are in a gathering.

So, the wise way is not to commit any crime whatever it might be, how minute it might be and be free of all ‘sin’ else you have to suffer later on without fail and doubt. If you accidentally commit any crime then the wise way is to admit the same and undergo the punishment for your wrong doing so that you will not ‘suffer’ later in multiples of what you deserve just after the punishment!

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