How to see the God ?

How to see the King ? – The answer is simple: you could take an appointment to see the king. But, after few minutes you will have to vacate the palace. Again you can take the appointment if you struggle and you are lucky but, you will come out of the palace again with what you asked the king for, if what you had asked for is reasonable.

This is exactly what we have been doing while we pray the ‘god’. We ask the ‘god’ for something and the ‘god’ grants it, if it is reasonable and suitable to us, just as in the above case. Here we not even seeing the ‘god’ because what we ask for is too mean to get from the ‘god’, so the ‘god’ gives it to you through his servant, the world.

So, as long as you are begging for something from the ‘god’ he throws it at you that too if your wish is reasonable and this is what we have all been doing in the world. Naturally we are unable to see the ‘god’ because we are not trying to see the ‘god’ but we just want something from the ‘god’. To see the ‘god’ we should take a different route.

If you want to become close to the king – what will you do? As long as you are begging him he dislikes you and keeps you away. But, if you grow to the level of the king [perhaps by becoming the king of another country], the king will become your friend, there is no other way.

In the same way, if you want to see the ‘god’ you have to rise to the level of the ‘god’ but, there is no other way to see the ‘god’, really. The way to rise yourself to the level of the ‘god’ is by means of spiritual practices but, there is no other way around. The religions have given so many spiritual practices and by following some of them you could rise yourself to the level of ‘god’. When you elevate yourself ‘within’, the ‘god’ will befriend you and will never abandon you again. Thus you could not only see the god but, you could befriend the ‘god’ too. Then whenever you want to see the ‘god’ you could see the ‘god’ – he will attend your call for sure.

As long as you are begging the 'god' for something, standing at his feet, 'god' might through you 'what you begged for' - but, you will never come in contact with the ‘god’.

How can a little ‘bud’ catch a bee ? Can it run here and there in search of a bee ? That is impossible. If it becomes a flower – the bee will race for it.

In the same way – if you bloom within, if you become pure within by jettisoning all the dirt in you – then the ‘god’ will race for you.

In fact, there is a parable that says - god has been knocking on the doors of all but, no one is welcoming him in to their house opening the doors.

Similarly, the ‘god’ is eagerly waiting for us, but we are not interested in meeting him, just we are busy with our trivial things, hoping for something in the world, not rally seeking the ‘god’. Your love is not on 'god' but, on something else in the world - so, he keeps away from you.

Though the 'bud' might call the bee billion times, the bee will not care it but, once the 'bud' grows into a flower - the bee will race for it without being called. 

Without looking for the worldly things, if you are REALLY interested in god, GOD alone - the 'god' will race for you in no time. But, if you keep something else in mind and keep calling the 'god' - he will not show his face to you for sure though years might pass by...!

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Anil Kumar Mangali said...

Really nice once explanation, why not we put in another way, what we are doing is also a way to reach GOD?

Every individual one's practice might lead GOD path i would think, for example: "Swami Vivekananda" have seen GODDESS (i.e., Kali Maa) in his life time which is what we have learnt. In a similar manner "Mother Teresa" GOD appeared in her dreams and she followed the path that too we learnt.

My question is does GOD exist?

Could you please elaborate or do more research in our VEDAS Scriptures or any other Hindu Scriptures that were explained about GOD.

Some of the articles you are putting together are thought provoking, i really appreciate putting your thoughts together in such nice manner towards Spirituality!