7 - Types of people

There are many modern theories that classify the individuals into different categories, based on different things like their psychology, based on astrology, on the elements [fire, air etc], how they do business, ethnicity and much more. But, here is a classification in the Hindu scriptures that classifies the people based on how they deal or interact with other people, according to this there are SEVEN general types in people as follows. This applies to both men and women. There are numerous examples to these 7-types of people in the Hindu scriptures.  

Negative - Positive: These are the highest type of individuals, who will help others without looking for anything in return and they will lose or suffer in helping.

Neutral - Positive: These people will help you if they don’t lose or suffer in the process.

Positive - Positive: These types of individuals will help you if they have any gain out of it. What they get need not be physical – it could be some psychological, fame, recognition, anticipating heaven or some good, etc. If they don’t see any benefit for them in the process they will not help you at all.

Positive – Neutral: These people will mend [their] things if others are not at stake. These will not harm you at all at any cost even if they are suffering though they might not help others.

There is NO HARM to other beings from the above types of individuals. The company of these people is enjoyable or at least will not make you suffer [the last one above]. But, the following people will create trouble or harm to other beings while doing their work and are dangerous to have around.

Positive – Negative: These people don’t care the suffering of others while mending their works. These are ready to harm others for their own selfish benefits. Examples for these are: looting, killing others for money, raps, etc.

Neutral – Negative: These will harm other beings even though they don’t have any physical benefits out of their doings and if they [hope they] are not suffering in the process. But, from the suffering of others these people will get some psychological satisfaction, sadistic satisfaction so, they will harm others. They don’t have any reasons for harming others. The terrorists will not come under this category, for the terrorists have some reasons of their own for their terrorist activity. Psychotic people come under this category – they kill or harm without any valid reason, i.e., with no enmity towards their targets they will harm due to some internal [psychological] problem.

Negative – Negative: These are the meanest of all the people they go to the extreme of their own suffering while harming others for no valid reason. These have the traits of masochists. Even suicide bombers are not in this for they have some reason for bombing. Taking revenge too is not under this – for there is some valid reason in taking revenge.

Do you get an idea into which type you belong..? These are the seven steps in the ladder of life. As the individuals grow or mature within they will move up the above ladder and if you struggle consciously to ascend the steps your growth will be faster.

Moreover if you know the type of person you are dealing with, you can make your transaction easily and successfully. The Hindu scriptures also claim that – the later types of people [harmful people] are more these days, the kali yug [the Iron-age]. So, the scriptures warn you against dealings with the people.

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