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Does ‘Sai Baba’ - really a ‘god’ ? 
 - Hinduism says - after creating the universe, 'god the ultimate' or the ‘formless god’- took or created different 'forms' in order to do different things in the 'universe'. Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva, Saraswati, Lakshmi, etc...

What ismeditation ?  Speaking in the plain words – mediation is just 100 % laziness. Nothing in 'you' is working in meditation. None of your - ‘body parts’ should work and the ‘mind’ too should stop functioning – then you are...

Why not to cheat wife / husband ?  - All the major religions on the globe want the wife and husband to be loyal towards each other and condemn all sorts of extra material sexual relationships unanimously and the Hinduism does more so..

Why drinking alcohol is Sin ?  - The Hindu religion imposed a ban on - smoking, drinking and using drugs and stamps them as ‘maha patak’, the ‘great sin’. There are few more ‘sins’ in the list that come under ‘maha patak’ ….

Why Hinduism has many gods ?  - Hinduism has many gods not because the Hindus invented them but, due to their closeness with the universe and the gods functioning in the Universe, the Hindus came to know of many...

What for this life ?  - What is the sole purpose of a bud ? Is there anything other than to bloom into a full flower ? The same is the case of life ! The purpose of life is just to ‘evolve’ into perfection. To make the inner-self to bloom.....

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