3 – Types of works people do and their impact !

Any work done by a person can be classified into one of the following 3 – types:

    A)   Good work       B) Bad work      C) Maturity giving works

Of course, all the above three classes of works will impart maturity on the individual concerned; the first two will give only very less maturity compared to the last one that gives only maturity.

On the other hand the ‘good work’ and ‘bad work’ will yield, along with less maturity good and bad results respectively. I. e.;

Good work  - > maturity + ‘good results’ in the future
Bad work -> maturity + ‘bad results’ in the future.

The ‘good work’ and ‘bad work’ could be classified as follows:

Good work: work that a human being is supposed to do, i.e., work that has humanity. Ex: doing your duty, charity, prayer, etc.,

Bad work: work that a human being is NOT supposed to do or work that should not be done with the ‘human body’. Some examples for these will include: cheating, killing, prostitution, looting, etc.,

Now, whatever work an individual does, will have its impact – according to the ‘karma siddhanth’ or the ‘doctrine of actions’.  This doctrine of actions is similar to the Newtons’ “third law of motion”, which states that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Now, the ‘karma siddhanth’ or the ‘doctrine of actions’ - states that – good works done will one day or the other will give you back the ‘good results’ and the amount of result will depend on the amount of ‘good work done’.

Again the ‘karma siddhanth’ or the ‘doctrine of actions’ - states that – any bad work done will one day or the other day will give you back the ‘bad result’ and the amount of result depends on the amount of ‘bad work done’.

The sole purpose of the ‘human life’ is to ‘mature within’ and to attain the eternal bliss. In order to fulfill the purpose of this valuable life, one has to do things that yield – maturity or at least happiness.

Now, ‘good work’ and ‘bad work’ have been defined earlier and the ‘maturity giving work’ means the works that give ONLY ‘spiritual maturity’ to the individual concerned. These works include; prayer, meditation, reading or hearing the scriptures etc. These are the works that are mainly done by the ‘mind’ without much involvement of the body.

While doing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ works as well, an individual will get some maturity. For example, while a thief ‘loots’ he will get a very little maturity in the process of doing it but, will get the ‘sin’ out of it and he has to suffer due to it later on. While doing a good work like, taking care of an orphan – you will get certain maturity along with the ‘good results’ later.

The wise men will choose to do only the ‘maturity’ giving works and will abandon the rest.

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