Why Ram, Krishna are famous avatars ?

As the common saying goes, ‘birds of the same fathers flock together’ – a crow can approach another crow easily and can befriend it easily. Consequently, crows like to elect or follow only another crow. Only the stories and heroics of crows can please the crows not other birds or animals that much dearly. As swami Vivekananda had aptly said, ‘if a buffalo can imagine god – its will be a buffalo with ten horns, etc’, if crows can imagine its god that will be a big crow with five beaks and four wings and the like. This concept is the basis of idolatry. If the God wants to become close to men or if the man wants to become close to the God – then the god should have the traits of men, nothing wrong in it. The Hindu sages had extended this concept and gave different gods with different traits to meet the needs of people with different tastes and talents and in whatever shape you adore the god, god will come to you in that shape without doubt, because this is the primitive way of looking at the god.

So, amongst the ten avatars of the lord Vishnu, it is no wonder that Ram and Krishna are more famous because only they should be, they can be – if one can follow the psychology closely. Amongst the ten avatars of Vishnu – although Budh, Vamana, Parasu Ram, Ram, Krishan, Kalki – have the human form, all of them are not famous among men equally and they can’t be. This is because unlike Budh, Vamana, Parasu Ram [Kalki -  is yet to come] – Ram and Krishna more or less lived like the common people. Most importantly like all the common people - they married, gave birth to children, fought with enemies – and did all others common things. Beyond these common things, they exhibited some extraordinary things, they did heroic things too. So, these two – Ram, Krishna – became more close, thus more famous amongst men and no wonder in this. 

Though the avatars - Budh, Vamana, Parasu Ram [Kalki - is yet to come] – are also in the human form, they didn’t live like the ordinary human beings and their life styles were more separated and away from the common man’s life style. So, naturally - Budh, Vamana, Parasu Ram [& Kalki] – are not as popular and dear to the common man living in the society.

If the lions were imaginative and could pray god – then without doubt – lord Narasimh would have become famous among the lions from these avatars. There is no other go...! 

So, it is natural that Ram and Krishna are more famous among the ten avatars of lord Vishnu [ among the das avatars]

{This post is in response to the question from  - V Muralidharan, Bangalore, India}

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