Science behind Omens

Nothing is unscientific in the Sayings of the sages but, if a scientist says or invents something then usually it will be wrong or bad in the long run. One could observe this by studying the science and technological inventions from the industrial revolution to the present information technology as these are good only for the time being but, in the long run these inventions turn out to be bad or dangerous in many ways.

Omens are not unscientific contrary to many modern thinkers feel. It has deeper logic, which the modern minds fail to comprehend. Here, I will give some indirect logic to the working of ‘omens’, as I don’t know the direct logic behind their occurrences - I honesty accept.

The Hinduism says – everything is interconnected with everything else in the universe and there are no islands here separated from the rest. So, if something happens here that will undoubtedly affect the entire universe now or later. In the same way if something happens somewhere in the universe it will affect you now or later. For example if something happens [ex; Sept’11 attacks] somewhere in the world, then it affects the economy of the entire world. The Hinduism says that it possible that a small occurrence here on Earth could make the stars to explode billions of light years away later on.

Even the omens are based on the same logic. The result you are going to get or receive does not happen all of a sudden but, it happens in a slow fashion or it unwinds itself not on its own but, the entire universe is making it to happen. For any occurrence in the universe the entire universe is responsible - not a person or a group or some individual entity is responsible as we commonly think. Like the blooming of a flower, your result too blooms gradually and the entire universe is responsible for this through its sequence of changes. Your result comes to you or it happens to you through a sequence of changes or happenings in the Universe but, just not at the point where you receive your results.

So, if you are sensitive enough to read the language of the universe, you could know what is going to happen later on in your life or in the life of others too. This deeper understanding, in fact is the logic behind the omens but, just the omens are not baseless superstitions.

I will give you some examples here. In these by knowing the staring you could guess the final result.

A – By seeing the morning star one could tell that the Sun will rise soon

B – By seeing the bud one can tell that the flower will come soon.

C – By seeing the dark cloud one can tell it is going to rain soon.

These are the universal facts that are based on the interconnection of things. Among the above things, everyone could guess the final result by seeing the beginnings.

The omens are based on the same simple logic. By seeing the start – it is possible to guess the final results. But, it is complex to decipher the meanings of omens as we are not intellectually sound enough as our ancestors were - in spite of holding all the degrees and diplomas with us. So, it is natural that we fail to read or find the logic in the omens. They are governed by the simple and unavoidable laws of the universe.

The crossing of a black cat is considered to be a bad omen in many cultures of the world among many other bad omens. Many good and bad omens are discussed in the Hindu scriptures and they are not futile. If followed they will surely give valuable information and are very helpful too.

The law of causation plays a strong role here…! 

Later on, in the second article on this some more facts will be presented.

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