Helio Centric theory in Hinduism

The western world came to know of the ‘Helio-centric’ theory, only 4/5 centuries back, when Copernicus announced that – the Sun is at the centre of the universe [?] but, not the Earth as it was assumed in the Western world. Due to announcement of this truth, the concept contrary to the Bible, he was forced to death by the Vatican Church. But, later on it was accepted by science.

But, the Helio-centric theory was well known even to the very common man in India, even from the Vedic times, this is at least few thousand years back from now, even according to the estimates of the modern archeologists.

This concept of the Helio-centric theory is – incorporated in the ‘Navgraha Pooja’, in the worship of Navgraha [nine astrological planets]. In the temples of the Navagrahas, the nine astrological planets are situated in such a way that - all the eight planets are present around the Sun, the Sun being in the centre on the pedestal. This implies that the ‘Sun’ is the centre of all the planets and the planets are present around, circling the Sun. This is nothing but, the Helio-centric theory – that states the ‘Sun’ is the centre not the Earth.

So, the conclusion is that – the Helio-centric concept found by the Western Scientists was well known even to the common masses in the Hindus societies thousands of years back.  

The above discussed concept is very primitive and the Hindu scriptures mention many deeper secrets of the Universe that are beyond even the imagination of the present cosmologists. Some of these concepts were discussed in earlier articles on this site.

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