How to be happy ?

Hinduism says – happiness is the result of ‘good doings’ or dharma and sorrow is the result of ‘bad doings’ or sin. It means that – doing good things [charity, selfless love, helping, prayer, etc.] will give you happiness later on in life [while doing as well] and doing the opposite ‘bad things’ [looting, hating, harming others, prostitution, etc,.] will make you suffer later on [not while doing] in life.

In spite of this – people do all sorts of bad things [sins] but, they want to be happy! Hinduism says - this is impossible according to the principles of the universe. Just like the laws in physics [ex: E = mc2] there are laws in the universe that govern our actions and thoughts as well, the Hinduism calls this law as ‘Karma Siddhanth’, or the ‘law of actions’ - this is similar to the Newton’s third law - ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. If your action is 'good' then the reaction towards you will also be 'good' [happiness] and if your action is 'bad' the reaction towards you is naturally 'bad' [sorrow].

If I harm others then the same harm will come to me in future and if I do good to others - the same good will happen to me in future. This has been told in the age old saying – whatever you sow that shall you reap. Even in thought if I think something good for others then in future the same good will happen to me – the Hinduism claims and the same in the case of bad thoughts as well.

The good or bad doings need not be towards ONLY the human beings, but towards any being in general – will fetch you the similar results but, the intensity might be different. For example if I harm a bad person it is less sin then harming a good man, if I kill an animal then it is less ‘sin’ than killing a man of course the ‘your country law’ might not punish you if you kill an animal but, the ‘law of actions will not spare you’.

During these days, people generally think that ‘money’ can make them happy and in order to get money they do all sorts of bad things or sins. Instead the Hinduism says – NOT money but, ONLY your good doings can make you happy.

Hinduism also says that – while doing bad [sin] it give you pleasure but, later on you will suffer, the opposite is true in the case of ‘good’ things [Dharma] – doing good might be painful in some cases but, later on it gives [makes] you happy. For example, while smoking you feel some kind of pleasure but, later on it kills you! To know more on this read the article Why Smoking, Drinking are – Sins ? - on this site.

If you are suffering now, you should have committed ‘sins’ in the past for sure otherwise you will not suffer – Hinduism says.

The results of your ‘good’ or ‘bad’ doings will not come to you immediately – Hinduism adds. If you sow a seed now can it give you fruits right now? The Hinduism questions you! Hinduism says - Sakaalena Vindathi, the results of your actions will come to you in proper time.

On the other had if you are in sorrow or you are suffering – that too is only for your good in the long run – the Hinduism says. Just because you are in troubles you should not do bad things – the Hinduism commends.

In Hinduism ‘doing good’ is known as ‘Dharma’ and doing bad is ‘Adharma’. If you take care of Dharma – Dharma will take care of you [Dharmo Rakshati Rashitaha]. But, money or position or relatives or friends or noting in the universe will come to your rescue but, ONLY your Dharma will come to your rescue, only Dharma can make [keep] you happy – but, nothing else - Hinduism says!

So, I guess you know how to be happy! Be happy – I wish you, one and all!

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