Why to lead moral life ?

Everyone knows that we are not going to live here [world] forever but, in spite of knowing this, people do bad things leading immoral life and thereby are sinning and are suffering later !  The wonder is though the life is short we struggle as though we are going to live here forever ! Many go to the extremes of immorality just to complete this short life !

The ‘god’ sent us to this world to test our morality. The morally ‘good’ people are sent to the heaven and the immoral people are given the concerned punishment. Even in this very ‘world’ it is a common observation that only the ‘good’ or 'noble' people are called for a gathering by a king or the rich and the ignoble are kept away and this is what ‘you’ do either.

Could you imagine what happens if ‘immoral’ people are welcomed into the paradise? What else could they do other than doing immoral things? Even in paradise too they will cheat, they will loot and do all sorts of ugly things. So, naturally the immoral people are not allowed to step into the paradise. Consequently, the Hindu scriptures claim that – only the pure in heart are called by the god and the rest will perish.

The ‘doctrine of action’ [Karma Siddhanth – this is similar to the Newton’s third law ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’] reveals that – you will get the results of your actions, according to this doctrine the result of good ‘doings’ is happiness and the result of ‘bad doings’ is nothing but sorrow.

It is interesting to see that only the people with good morals can do ‘good’ things and people of immorality are naturally inclined towards the ‘bad’ things. So, unless a person cultivates ‘good’ morals there is no chance of doing ‘good’ things. That’s why all the religions demand you to cultivate good morals for this will lead to ‘good doings’ and only ‘doing good’ could keep you happy.

These days, people generally think that ‘money’ can make them happy and in order to get money they do all sorts of immoral things. An observation of the rich people reveals that they have the problems of their own, which the poor don’t have. It implies that the money alone can’t keep [make] you happy.

When people don’t have money they think they are not happy due to lack of money but, if they become rich they will get some different problems, which they didn't face while they were poor. So, the problem is not ‘not having money’ but, the problems are inbuilt in the world, problems are a nature of the world – that’s how the god created the world, with full of problems.

So, money can’t make [keep] you happy but, ONLY ‘good’ doings can make [keep] you happy for the ‘happiness’ is the result of ‘good doings’ – according to the law of action, the Karma Siddhanth of the Hinduism. If you have been doing good things, your good doings will make you happy though you might not have money but, mere possession of money and physical assets will not make [keep] you happy. So, you should focus on doing ‘good’ things but, not exclusively on fetching money, somehow!

In ancient India people had this wisdom and were doing some king of ‘good’ often and they were leading a peaceful life, happy life – though they didn't have much money. They knew the principle of happiness and were involved in charity but, these days people are looting money hoping for happiness but, the principle of happiness works otherwise. Doing good things and not accumulating money – is the key behind happiness.

Unless you pass the exam you will not move forward and unless you do ‘good tings’ you will not pass the test of life and of course passing life has its immense reward, stepping into the paradise, getting never ending joy!

Of course, the modern science might ridicule on the concept of paradise – but, science with all its telescopes and microscopes could never smell the heaven ! But, the mere fact that the science can’t find doesn't imply that the heavens are not there !

On the other hand, like the traffic rules making the drive easier – morals will make easier the life in society !

Now I guess this sheds some light on - why to lead a life of morals !

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