Why do we suffer in the World ?

Although the world is full of problems - not all people are suffering from the same or similar problems. Different people suffer from different problems and the Hinduism gives two reasons for this!  

ONE - If you are suffering from a particular problem [suffering] then in the past, the Hinduism says - you did [created] a similar problem to others. This might be in this life or in some other life [birth] in the past [the issue of past life/birth – will be discussed in another post]. The scriptures will describe this as your ‘sin’ in the past and you have to suffer due to that according to the ‘doctrine of karma’ [Karma siddhant] here 'karma' means 'action'.

TWO  - You are immature in that particular facet or dimension of yourself and the ‘nature’ or ‘god’ [choose - whatever term you feel comfortable with, for the Hinduism will not differentiate between them] wants to take away that ‘immaturity’ or ‘ignorance’ in you. So, you will face only certain problems that are unique to you.

To the keen insight – these two are related. In the past you did some ‘sin’ due to the ignorance you had – and in order to take away that ‘ignorance’ in you something ‘bad’ will take place in your life and it will make you mature removing the ‘ignorance’ in you. Now, in this way you are getting back the results of you past actions and you are relieved from both your past ‘sins’ and ‘ignorance’ too.

Thus the problems are meant to make you elevate in the ladder of ‘inner’ evolution and just not to make you suffer or to make you weep. Out of problems you will come out as a more matured individual and that is the main reason behind problems.

Another thing is that – deeper the ‘ignorance’ in you, you will get some bigger problem for ‘harder wood demands harder hit’ – to brake.

The reason for different people suffering from different problems is clear from this – different individuals are with different kinds of ‘ignorance’. This is like, different patients suffering from different diseases deserving different ‘medications’ – to get back their health.

At certain times you feel at the problems of other persons – ‘how silly their problems are and still they suffer!’  This is because we have the maturity to handle that problem and the person in question is not matured enough to handle it.

One might have a severe problem, heart rending it might be – but, the Hinduism says – it is only for the maturity of that individual. That one did such a severe ‘bad act’ [karma] in the past and the results are back now.

Hinduism also says – the results of our actions are inexorable and indomitable of evasion.

So, if you want to lead a happy life, beware of your actions. Think before you act keeping the results in mind [in the words of Covey - with the goal in mind, in his famous book, 7 – habits of highly effective people]. Have a happy life…!! And in this way others too will be happy…!!

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